Your 401k misses President Trump

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Anyone with significant financial holdings misses Trump. Whether they admit it or not.



Down close to 25%.

Fuck you Biden and the puppet masters pulling the strings.

I’m down almost 11%.

A few months ago I moved from 100% sticks to a 70/30 mix with the 30 being in what amounts to a souped up checking account. But it appears to be helping hedge some of my losses? Idk. I’m a fucking idiot.

I’ve left my Roth and mutual funds as 100% stock. Maybe should reevaluate that. Again. I’m dumb so not sure.

Literally a fool if you think this would have been better under trump. We’d be in the same fucking boat regardless.

Why do you think that?

Legit question. I’m not asking a political question per se.

The first money printing was done under trump. He even wanted his damn signature on every stimulus check. You think it would have stopped in 2021? Inflation was coming regardless. Unless you think our measly 50 billion to Ukraine is causing the stock market to eat a bag of dicks

Ive upped my contribution. It misses trump now but it’ll forget Biden in a few years.

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This doesn’t apply to you.

If the Red Wave happens in November, the markets will react accordingly.

I don’t think Russia would have invaded Ukraine if trump were in office … so I think things would be drastically different.

Not on the tidal upswing that we experienced for so long but we wouldn’t be as deep in the hole as we are now either.

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I think he would have taken Ukraine and trump would have backed us out of nato. But we are all guessing here.

There’s no proof but Pool was saying supposedly Trump told Putin that if Ukraine was attacked on his watch, he would take out Moscow. That was probably a bluff but one that may have given Putin reason to hold off.

Yeah everyone knows that wouldn’t happen. Ukraine is not even nato and trump already used them to try and get dirt on biden. I bet trump would gladly want putin to take ukraine and get info on the corrupt biden crime family. Mutually assured destruction is a thing and nuking moscow over an unaffiliated third party country makes no sense…

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Eleventy million percent this

Thanks, Biden

It wouldn’t make sense. But if Trump really did tell Putin that, why would Putin take the chance when he could just wait him out? Even Kim contacted authorities in the U.S. after Trump started calling his bluff about “pushing the red button”. He wasn’t sure what to make of Trump. Past presidents were predictable for dictators like Kim and Putin. Trump was not.

Supposedly the exact words Trump used was “All those beautiful golden spires in Moscow will come tumbling down”. That sounds exactly like something Trump would say.

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