Your best MMA fights of all time?

This is tough...I know I am forgetting a ton, but here are a few:

1) Vanderlei Silva vs Quinton Jackson 2

2) Frank Shamrock vs Tito Ortiz

3) Tank Abbott vs Oleg Maskaev

4) Mark Coleman vs Don Frye

5) Frank Shamrock vs. Enson Inioue

6) Ken Shamrock vs Royce Gracie 1

7) Bas Rutten vs TK

8) Igor Vovchanchin vs Fred "The Mangler" Floyd (a personal favorite)

9) Royce Gracie vs Dan Severn

10) Matt Hughes vs Frank Trigg

You forgot Manny vs Hermes, that should be in the top 5 imo.

Damn dude. That's tough. Are we talking personal all-time top ten, or just list them off?

both Pele-Macaco fights,Serra-Carter,Norgiera-Sapp

Sudo v. Ludwig has gotta be up there.

Frye vs Takayama


Frank Shamrock vs Horn, Lober II(best revenge beating of all time), and Tito

Randy vs Tito, Vitor I

Nog vs Sapp (ouch)

Cro Cop vs Sapp (funny)....(damn near any fight with Cro Cop that he lands a kick or two)

Rampage vs Silva II

Sak vs Royler, Royce, Renzo, and Newton (damn near any fight with Sak in it)

Coleman vs Frye I, and Pete Williams

Oleg vs Tank

Bas vs Kohsaka

Royce vs Severn

Rizzo vs Barnett

Frye vs Bittetch (UFC 9)

Lawler vs Riley (stand-up-WAR!)

Damn.....this is tough.

Frye vs Takayama

carter v.s serra

chuck liddel vs pele

royce gracie vs jason delucia 1&2

maurice smith vs coleman

Frye vs Takayama

Lawler vs Riley was SICK!!!!!

Aurelio vs Mishima was a war too!

Wand x Henderson = the best

Wand x Crocop

Sperry x Ninja

Arona x Henderson

Newton x Pele

Newton x Miletich

Nog x Crocop

Nog x Enson

Nog x Coleman

Wand x Rampage

Chuck x Rampage

Rampage x Saku

Saku x Newton

Saku x Goes

Nog x Sapp

Crocop x Igor

Fedor x Coleman

Fedor x Fujita

and many more

Lest take one from UFC

Serra x Carter

I forgot about Pele/Mocaco for sheer drama.

Maskaev should be replaced by Taktarov, LOL.

Bennett versus Palmer in Superbrawl.

Ruas vs Varlens was good for its time.


Tank x Taktarov

Renzo x Sakuraba

Belfort x Sakuraba

Serra x Carter

Pele x Macaco I

Frye x Goodridge I

Frye x Coleman I

Mino x Fedor I

Mino x Herring I

Couture x Rizzo I

Royce x Kimo

Couture x Randleman

Some of my personal favorites:

Mino vs Coleman

Mino vs Herring I

Mino vs Sapp

Silva vs Saku I

Silva vs Hendo

Silva vs Rampage I+II

Royce vs Shammy I

Royce vs Severn

Vitor vs Tank

BJ vs Hughes