Your best upset picks of recent history

Not recent but I won quite a bit on jds over werdum and Rodgers over arlovski years back. Pretty sure both were over +500 odds.

Also hit the draw in Edgar Maynard 2 at 80-1. Only had $5 on it but I was probably one of the few pumped when the decision was read.

I think it was 3:1 for Matt Brown vs Erick Silva. Won some money on that. Phone Post 3.0

Brown over Silva
Werdum over Browne
Roger Narvaez' last fight
Lawler over Hendricks Phone Post 3.0

Uni man -
somebrownwhiteguy - I called out JDS vs Cain 1 pretty well. Told my friends before the other started that if Cain couldn't take Junior down he was gonna get KO'd

Jones vs Shogun was another. My brother is a huge Shogun fan, so seeing the confidence shatter in his face as the fight went on made my bet with him that much sweeter lol Phone Post 3.0
Yeah the second one is hard to call a underdog, but I for sure called jones over shogun. I feel jones wasn't even the underdog then tho? Phone Post 3.0
Yeah I'm not sure either if Jones was the underdog that fight, but my brother was 100% that Shogun was a win for sure lol. Phone Post 3.0

ChrispyPicks - Problem with recent picks is no real (plus)400 picks or better have won. I don't call a girl 150-300 a big dog. Phone Post 3.0

I posted above, Leandro Issa closed above +415 where I bet him on the most recent UFC card.