Your boi Taco fears no Pitbull!!!!!!!!

Crazy night gents. This def didn't help the knee. If a red, blue, or green would be so kind to embbed. Ill vote you tfu the rest of the month. Cheers brothers.

Wtf is this? Phone Post 3.0

In early Phone Post 3.0

Have a look homez.

Without watching the videos I'm hoping that you murdered the rapper pitbull. Is he a rapper? What the fuck is he? Phone Post 3.0

DomenicVelluso - Wtf is this? Phone Post 3.0

Watch vids. Judge if Taco is crazy,, badass, animal lover, or just stupid. Profit.







7 last one blind for taco

TryhardNobody - 


Good deed Taco....what your fingers smell like? Phone Post 3.0

Aaaaaand aw shit...Bonus features just now included. The voice you heard in the last vid was my cute neighbor. She just got divorced too and just asked me if i wanted to get a drink. Big ol tits. Ill update if i can "take her" to After Dark. Heard shes a freak from her ex husband before their split. Lulz

Haha. +3

I got you the rest of the month BBCfight. You're my nigga. Thanks homie!

Taco......good thread. Phone Post 3.0