Your bread and butter punch?

A lot of guys I know have good hooks, and they prefer them. I know one guy who has a sick left body hook. Me? My straight right is making me pretty happy right now! What's your bread and butter punch?

straight right, im built like tommy hearns though

Used to be my right hook, but I've had trouble landing
it lately as people are looking for it. Straight
left has been paying off though. In a pinch though,
I'm still going to double up on the right hook.
Body body or body head.

straight right to the solar plexus is my best shot

Ditto was Jason says. But my favorite punch is the left hook. I crush the bag with those.

my hook

My jab. But I never throw it :( I've got arms like an ape, I seriously think I would be more successful if I just blocked with my left (I'm left handed) and threw jabs non-stop.

my right shovelpunch to the body. Its not exactly a shovel punch but resembles it. I was sparring with my brother, we go all out (brotherly rivalry you know) I hit him in the body and he clinch me then punked down my shoulder. So I think that was a effective punch. I love that punch now I use it all the time.

Left hook thrown off of a jab or three followed by a pivot.

Flying goose punch landed off a backfist.

straight left.

Straight right to head or body.

The Claw.

But do you goose step before throwing it?


Baron Von Raschke for WBC President.

dble jab

Bigbrawler- same here, I call it a shovel hook but
it's not really, closer to an uppercut than anything.
I was thinking about it earlier and it's similar to a
strike I learned in TKD when I was a kid. The TKD
version starts, IIRC, with palm up and ends palm
down, and has footwork to go with it. My way is more
close range, and connects going upwards. Like I
said, like an uppercut to the solar plexus. Wonder
why a regular U (on the chin) is my weakest punch, I
just can't shift my weight with it.