Your chance to call the shots in California MMA...

Randomly found this last night after I was reeling over the robbery of Andre Dirrell at the super-six tourney on Showtime.

Looks like the CSAC is hiring for the position of an executive officer so here's your chance to call the shots in all of California MMA and most importantly, inact a mandate to prevent fights from being barred if marijuana shows up in their system so we can finally get Jay Hieron a title shot with Nick Diaz. Here's a little snippet of the job on their website:

POSITION DESCRIPTION • Plans, organizes and directs the Commission's Headquarters and field activities • Allocates staff and budget among the various enforcement activities • Ensures staff are trained in accordance with specific classification requirements and bargaining unit agreements • Oversees investigation activities and ensures they are conducted objectively and in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations • Establishes and maintains cooperative working relationships with the Attorney General's Office, other regulatory law enforcement agencies and departmental staff • Maintains adequate and accurate records • Establishes, implements, monitors and enforces statewide policies, procedures, productivity and performance standards and develops and implements such systems • Identifies and establishes new and improved technologies and procedures designed to reduce cost and increase the level of service to client agencies • Analyzes legislation impacting the Commission and/or its regulatory programs and makes recommended improvements to facilitate the Department's investigation and regulatory programs.

QUALIFICATIONS • Ability to function as part of an executive management team to plan, to develop, and implement departmental policies and priorities. • Ability to lead, to manage, and direct key industry programs; • Ability to effectively plan for and manage changes in department priorities and operations necessary to respond to the public, the industry, the media, the legislature, and other state and federal governmental agencies. • Ability to communicate effectively, orally and in writing, with the Governor’s Office, the Consumer Affairs Executive Office, the public, the industry, and other state and federal regulatory agencies

Someone from the UG get on it! The job vacancy is here.

 That's Kimo's job, homie. Hands off.

 It has an excellent retirement plan as well, you get a cush figure-head position with Station Casinos as long as you scratch the right backs.