Your Cheat Day/Meal

What do you guys eat on your cheat days/meals?

Here was my cheat meal tonight:

Players combo(wings, chicken fries, chicken fingers, fries, celery, carrots, ranch sauce, plum sauce, mozza sticks, garlic bread)
3 Marley shots(1/2 oz each of melon, goldschlager, jagermeister)
7 chocolate chip cookies
decaf double double coffee
probably a couple cans of pop later

Here are some of the things I indulge in on cheat days (in no particular order):

coffee, pizza, beer, cheesecake, ice cream, jack&coke, candy, coca-cola, etc.

I find that I don't cheat as much if my diet is straight and regular while I'm training hard, because my body just won't accept "junk" as fuel.

Carne asada burittos, pizza, beer, anything greasy and salty as the depth of hell.... and candy too

usually stuff like burgers and fries or a pizza....fatty carbs.....

wings aren't cheating for me...part of my balanced diet...had 40 on wednesday...followed by an irish carbomb

Oh, I forgot the canolis. LOVE canolis. Must have some tomorrow.

Pizza and burgers baby