Your choice of superbowl QB

Of current active players, who do you want to start your superbowl?

1. Tom Brady. 2-0 in superbowl, 2 superbowl MVP's. 6-0 playoffs, 8-0 in overtime, more 4th quarter comebacks than Elway at this stage.

2. Steve McNair. Big playmaking ability, good ability in the clutch. Toughest QB out there. Does not make too many stupid plays.

3. Jake Delhomme - Only one season, but played big in the big moments all year. Early jitters this superbowl, but recovered in a big way. Played well in all 4 of his playoff games.

4.Trent Green - A top flight QB for the last two years. Played well in his only playoff game (a loss to Manning, who played even better).

5. Donovan McNabb. Playmaking running ability, and consistent if not outstanding. Before this year, had a 9-5 TD/INT ratio. Broke his ribs, receivers dropped balls, and had a bad game this year, but I don't blame him too much for it.

Missing the cut:

6. Peyton Manning - Awesome in the regular season, but hot and cold in the playoffs. 2-4 playoffs with big games and awful games. Needs to be more consistent.

Mike Vick: Show me some more defense-reading first.

Brett Favre: Would've been here a few years ago, but has had a few poor playoffs in a row.

Duante Culpepper - THat awful 41-0 loss to the Giants (!!) still sticks out. Makes the big play, but gives the big play too.

right now the only choice is brady...though delhomme was great

Trent Green?

1) Healthy McNair

2) Manning

3) Brady

4) Favre

5) Mcnabb

Btw, Best of all time.....Joe Montana

neither mcnair nor manning have won it...we saw how well manning handled the pressure against the patriots...

brady has done it twice...with late game comebacks

he is the money player in the NFL....go ask manning or mcnair if they'd trade their MVP awards for the superbowl mvps

Good point gusto. If Delhomme is really that good, I stick with my pick of him at #3. If he played over his head, then it's a different story.

I think people underrate his playoff run because he only threw 14 passes against Phi. But look at his playoff run this year - 6 TD's with 1 INT. Even that Phi game was good - no INT's, 109.5 rating.

Trent Green is the most underrated QB in the league. Over the last two years he's had ratings of 92.6, TD-INT ratios of 2-1, and 21-11 record. He played well in the playoffs in his only game, and if Morton had hung onto the ball twice, KC may have won.

Gonzalez is good, Holmes is awesome, but his WR's are not particularly impressive. Green does not have a clutch or comeback reputation, but neither does McNabb. Manning may have the 4th quarter comeback reputation, but he's been too inconsistent in the playoffs.

Trent Green has a great offensive line and great weapons...He hasnt proved enough to be considered in the top 5....

The question is who would you rather have on your superbowl team, not who has the most rings.

Your #2 pick, Manning, has the biggest offensive weapons of them all, but stunk it up vs. the Patriots (and Jets, and Dolphins). He was brilliant vs. KC and Denver. But that's not the consistency I want for a Superbowl QB.

Big in the big games, clutch play, consistency, and no "he has allpro receiver this runing back that whatever" caveats. That's Tom Brady, the man you want to start your superbowl.

Trent Green belongs, he is a master of the Air Coryell system which speads the football and attacks every part of the field. He is unpredictable and scores fast. He's a gambler and almost always wins. He belongs.

that said, Tom Brady is the mofucking man, calm and accurate, won't ruin the game for you, can pass for mass yards without a mistake, I don't think anyone else can do that. Second is McNair, the guy is a playmaker and tougher than shit. Third is Trent Green, no doubt. He's smart & tough and wins games. You guys don't remember, he did cause a lot of comeback wins for the Chiefs, the best and most important team in the NFL, byotch.

lol @ Trent Green...Isnt the Chief's his fourth team he has played for...

Trent Green won the Superbowl this year.






In my fantasy league.

shadetree you moron, the guy was a pro bowler with a QB rating something like 95, do you even watch football?

Brady is by far the best QB. After that McNair and Manning. After that it doesn't really matter -- a lot of QBs who will play well in the right system.

Trent Green is a product of Vermeil's system, he's a pretty average QB. Average arm, somewhat inaccurate and just a decent decision maker. Low mobility in the pocket.

If it wasn't for Randy Moss, Daunte Culpepper would be supersizing value meals.

"shadetree you moron, the guy was a pro bowler with a QB rating something like 95, do you even watch football?"

I do know your a die-hard Chiefs fan.With that said I know im wasting my time with u..So your right, Trent Green is the best Qb in the game..Its only his fourth team in his ten year career.