Your craziest ex

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…and you let this happen?

…teh shame…teh shame…

Never banged a fatty because of those reasons.
If an ex turns out crazy and starts pestering friends, collegues, work. Imagine the shame!
Not thanks.

The craziest broad followed me to my new place a couple hundred miles to casually show up from time to time.

Damn, I’ve had multiple complete psychos. All of them were insanely fun in the sack, but the juice obviously wasn’t worth the squeeze.
There was one who literally stole my SUV for almost 3 days when she got pissed. I don’t remember what it was even about, but she completely lost her marbles and when I blew it off because I wasn’t going to expend any emotional energy over her nonsense, she grabbed my keys when I went to the bathroom and took off. I should’ve called the cops, but I didn’t like a dumbass. The final straw was when I went out with some buddies and she sent me dozens of threatening texts, including one of the fire pit lit and a bunch of my clothes on the ground next to it, saying she was going to torch my shit if I didn’t come home.


Worked with blonde with huge tits. Skinny and pretty cute, but married so I tried to keep the flirting to a minimum. That is, until her husband started harassing my parents home phone (I didn’t live there) and telling them I was sleeping with his wife. No idea where he got this info from, I knew she liked me but never acted on it.

After he showed up at my parents house (I came flying over and he was scared to confront me and took off), I said fuck it. I added his wife to the rotation and she would come by every week to visit, telling him she was at the gym or whatever. This went on for a couple of months until I started hearing this guy was losing it, and I knew he had access to guns, so I cut her off. Obviously after maturing, I wouldn’t sleep with someone’s wife regardless, but being young and dumb…

She then proceeded to come by my work constantly, to the point my boss had to let her know that was not OK. She would call my phone and show up while I was out with other girls. Pretty standard stalker stuff, except she was married! Anyway, even over ten years later, she calls me when she is drunk and leaves VMs on occasion. Her and the husband divorced (shocker) and unfortunately she put on about 50lbs.

:rage: :rage:

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I still love you.

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I’m only 1:15 into the first video. It’s a topic that I’ve already looked into quite a lot. Even more so narcissism. The guy in your video has a good manner of speaking and I’m looking forward to finishing the video later.

It’s not your fault…

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cop didnt ask for her number?


I know it should worry me that you spend so much time categorizing my posts and life here but really, when I am gone all I will have left is you to carry on my name.

Thank you.


Brutal ordeal…

My ex wife would stop by my work, call my friends and family when she thought I was even talking to someone. Fun times.

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