Your Current Workout

I've always really enjoyed the threads where people share their current workout schemes; I noticed there hasn't been one for a little while, so I thought I would try to start one.

I was hoping that you folks would consent to type up what you are currently up to, workout-wise, and what you're hoping to accomplish.

I will go first: My only real goals are to make progress towards a one-arm pullup, build up my conditioning, and increase my deadlift and overhead press.

I'm just coming off of the Rite of Passage program from the Enter the kettle bell book (I can press half my bodyweight with one arm, but cannot do 200 snatches in 10 minutes, which are the 2 goals of the program), the volume of which I'm finding to be too much now that I'm back in school and trying to start training MMA/wrestling again.

As such, my new plan is to lift 2 days a week with deadlifts, overhead presses(I'm going to try Taku's method from the "long term HIT results thread by HarryC to increase my poundage), and one-arm chin work (I'm going to follow a progression someone posted a while back that rock climbers used to work up to a one-arm chin). Additionally, I'm going to try and work through taku's intervals with burpees twice a week, though i may do the warm-up periods with Kettlebell swings instead.

I'm also trying to get back into regular MMA and wrestling training, hopefully MWF, which would allow me the whole weekend to recover (as I'm planning on doing my workouts uring the week). I'm also going to be following the "No S" diet, as I eat too much junk food and drink too much soda. I'm sort of going for 5 diligent weekdays and then 2 rest days where I eat and sleep a ton.

What are you guys up to?

6:30 am - 20 minutes on an elliptical
4:30 pm - Single arm dumbell bench and ring push ups
5:15 pm - Taku's intervals

6:30 am - 20 min on elliptical
100 pull ups though out the day
5:30 pm - 1.5 hours of BJJ
7:00 pm - run 2 miles or skip rope (heavy rope) for 30 minutes


6:30 am - Taku's Intervals
5:30 pm - 1.5 hours of BJJ
7:00 pm - run 2 miles or skip rope for 30 minutes

6:00 pm - 1.5 hours of BJJ

8:30 am - run 2 miles or skip rope 30 min
9:00 am - 1 hour Muay Thai
10:30 am - 1.5 hours BJJ


Monday--Active rest, 1/2 hour dog walk, 1/2 hour yoga
Tuesday--Gym climbing, 2 hours
Wednesday--Long run, 14 miles
Thursday--Gym climbing, 90 minutes; weight workout (maintenance), 30 minutes
Friday--Track intervals, 30 minutes or short run; yoga, 20 minutes
Saturday--Wake up 5 a.m., 7 hour hike w/pack, ice climb 3 hours, 1 hour for cutting snow ledge for tent
Sunday--ice climb 5-6 hours, hike out 5 hours

Every week is a little different depending on weekend goals, but this is typical. I'll take one hard week of close to 30 hours alternating with one "easier" week of just over 20 hours. Every week from October through the end of the year looked like this. I love fall. And winter. And spring. And summer.


Right now i actually just do whatever i feel like when i get home. Usually just one set for a particular type of motion, as much as i can manage. Simple, and not ideal, but better than nothing.


Monday: Ross' Work Capacity 101
Tuesday: GTG with pullups and dips
Wednesday: Sprints followed by core workout followed by GTG with pullups and dips.
Thursday: Rest
Friday: DB complexes followed by weighted pullups and dips.
Saturday: GTG with pullups and dips
Sunday: Rest
Main goal: muscleups.

My problem is that I've been working nites lately and so my sleep pattern is sometimes split, which makes it hard to do a really strenuous workout sometimes.  Without a good amount of sleep, it's real easy for me to get into overtraining syndrome, which is quickly followed by an injury if I keep pushing it.

Okay, my normal "routine" (when not injured) is as follows:

Mon - CrossFit Class (whatever my coach says to do)

Tues - Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class; also sometimes do a CF workout on my own, usually focused on running or pushing exercises, 'cause I suck at those.

Wed - CrossFit Class (whatever my coach says to do)

Thurs - Either a rest day (if I did CF on Tues) or I do a CF workout on my own. Usually I'll pick from something one of the other classes has done - that way I avoid choosing things just cause I like them or am good at them and stay well rounded and challenged.

Fri - CrossFit Class (whatever my coach says to do)

Sat - CrossFit Class (whatever my coach says to do - this is our "Masters" class, so it's all firebreathers and we rotate who's in charge so we each take turns coming up with workouts)

Sun - Rest day!

Ultimately my goal each week is to do CF 5x and Yoga once. Later this year, I plan to add back in some martial arts and dial the CF back to 4x.

Currently busting ass on conditioning, just finished a 2.5 month weight program and I'm in the 2nd week of a 2 week break from weights.  This week is;

Monday - WC101
Tuesday - Tabatas (Elliptical)
Wednesday - Team Quest Javorek complex
Thursday - Tabatas (Elliptical)
Friday - Magic 50 or WC101
Saturday - Tabatas (Elliptical) or Sweet 16

My current focus is to own WC101.  I can only finish in under 20 minutes by cutting back on the burpees.  Currently sitting @ 14 burpees in 21:24.  Got a thread about it here called "WC101 PR".

Monday deadlifts, some assistance.

Thursday squats, some assistance.

Throw benching in there somewhere. This week doing nothing because I compete in my first powerlifting meet on saturday.

After the meet the template will change a lot.

Mon: Weights, whole body high intensity workout using a slow cadence. then 10 mins H.I.I.T on the elliptical trainer.

Tues: Grappling/BJJ and striking practice. MMA drills.

Weds: Off.

Thurs Weights and H.I.I.T same as Monday.

Friday: Kickboxing Practise

Sat: Ross Drills. Burpess etc etc..

"(but I could wreck all of you at Powercleans and Dips)"

Would not wreck me at dips. Maybe come close, but no wreck.

I currently alternate between four simple strength routines and two sprint routines. Along with the listed exercises below I do Neck work and Grip work. Sprint session (A) is 10 x 10 sec on 30 sec off at 50% incline @ 6-MPH on an incline trainer. Sprint session (B) is 5 minutes of continuous Stair sprints varying the tempo but no rest @ level 20 on a Step Mill "GAUNTLET".

I do these workouts on Mon-Wed-Fri. My routine follows this basic pattern, warm-up, lift and then sprint. I do about 5 min static stretching during the cool down. I sometimes add 300 yard shuttle runs to my sprint routine. My warm-up is usually about 6-10 minutes of soccer drills and then a five minute total body circuit done with Med-balls, Resistance bands, bodyweight and Stability balls. 

The strength work is High tension-low force, raising and lowering the weight in about 3-5 secs TUT = 6-10 sec per rep. I rotate MMF and NTF days as well as adding AOT when I feel up to it.

For added variety I use "Running the Numbers"  on all routines. Examples of a couple typical strength days are listed below.

Strength 1 =2-3 sets of each of the following:


Standing Press

Up-Row (shoulder width-grip)


Bent Row




Strength 2 = 1-2 sets of the following:


Single Leg Calf raise

Standing Press

Chin-up (weighted)

Dip (weighted)




Sat. Kettlebell class, coach says what to do...@ 30 minutes // Sunday long hike with dogs, wife and friend...anywhere from 2 hrs to 5hrs at peak season, if weather sucks, go to gym do stairwalker. // mon.. kettlebells on my own, usually 3mins snatches, left hand then right hand... 3 mins rest then same thing with jerks.// tues 500 squats in morning, arnis class at night // wed. flow training...alternate martials arts ie. shadow grappling with strength training..23 minutes// thurs. kalirobics (like boxercise, only with sticks, and some groundwork...its a dogbrothers program) in morning, then arnis class at night. // friday off. as i regain fitness will add recovery swim on tues at lunch, and elliptical at lunch on thurs.

DeFranco's WSFSB3 + 2 days conditioning work (sprints or skating). my accessory lifts focus on postural correction. when my schedule opens up more i'll be adding an extra conditioning workout.

Along the same lines as Taku I've had good success with this routine of late. I tend to prefer machines for simplicity of use.

Seated Shoulder Press
Seated Row
Seated Close Grip Bench Press
Supinated Pulldowns
Seated Leg Curl
Leg Extension
Leg Press
Neck (front, back & sides) using manual resistance
DB Shrugs
Leg Raise
Sit ups
Grip Work.

I'll often change the order of the exercises and add dips for bench press and chins for pulldowns.

When the weather improves I'll be rolling out, my 800 lbs tractor tire and atlas stones for some extra training, in addition to adding in the farmers work.

Like anything though its dependent on my energy levels and schedule.

Dogmeat thats a pretty good dip. Depends on your bw too.

I have dipped bw+270lbs and have done 200lbs for triples.135x18 after my other sets, maybe could have got 20 fresh. My bodyweight is around 195+/- a couple lbs.

Funny thing is when I went back to bench pressing it felt like shit and the carry over was minimal. I understand now that when you get to a certain level that specificity is very important.

Monday: Taku's Interval's followed by light core work (crunches, leglifts, etc.)

Tuesday: Big lift day; Thruster, Shrugs, Lunges. 5x5 rep/set with as much weight as poosible to finish.

Wednesday: Rest/ Maybe easy core work

Thursday: Easy lift day; Pull-Ups, Dips, Incline Bench, Rows

Friday: Taku's Interval's followed by light core work

Saturday: Circuit of 5x5 min rounds using plyometric type exercises OR full body lift day going light weigh tand maxing out reps. Usually do : bench, upright row, snatches, and DB butterflies.

Sunday: Rest or lond distance run depending on feeling.

I'm curious as to what everybody's goals are, too, as far as the "why" to training. Obviously I train for climbing, Jeremy Hamilton trains for powerlifting competitions (good luck on Saturday!), but what about others? The OP asked this, too, and it has some relationship to another thread about whether CF is a "sport" or not.

Dogmeat, you live in Japane, right? Where? Just curious, I know you've posted it before but I forget.


1 - General Fitness/improved quality of life, 2 - increased athletic performance (I'm not a natural athlete, was always more of a charlie hustle kinda guy, training kinda levels the playing field I find), 3 - I use it to get out of work for an hour or so each day as well.  4 - I've grown to enjoy it and hate when I miss it.  Its no longer a chore for me, it's something I look forward to doing.

I mirror the above... at least partly.

1 - General Fitness / improved quality of life

2 - increased athletic performance (Soccer is my sport of choice)

3 - Look good naked

4 - stress reduction

5 - I enjoy it


Originally I started training CrossFit to be better prepared for BJJ and Muay Thai, both in class and in competition.

I'm taking a break from both of those now (sick of being injured) and have been getting my "competition" in CrossFit class. So my fitness goals now consist of all sorts of various mini-goals, like muscle-ups, or bodyweight OH squat, etc, etc.

I don't care how much I weigh or what my body looks like -- I want to kick ass in my workouts and beat the other girls and a bunch of the guys. In order to do that I eat Zone 5 out of 7 days and I do CrossFit 5 out of 7 days. I happen to come out looking fit and strong as a result.

As a bonus to all that - if I decide I feel like running a 5k or an adventure race or going rock climbing or paintball or whatever sport I want - I've got kick ass cardio and strength to support it and have fun doing whatever I feel like doing.