Your experience after cutting out coffee/caffeine?

I've been feeling very lethargic and tired especially at work. Trying to pinpoint the problem.

The obvious one could be coffee, I drink two in the morning. On weekends I'll probably have 3.

Thinking of cutting it cold turkey and seeing what happens. Anybody had first hand experience?? Phone Post 3.0

Lethargic and it lasted for years.
Gave in 2 weeks ago and am now back on caffeine. Phone Post 3.0

Tried and couldn't do it but I can quit cigareettes though lol caffeine is one of the most addicting things if you ask mwah Phone Post 3.0

In. Been thinking about doing the same. Phone Post 3.0

Tried for a few weeks and was pretty fucking tired to start my day.

I think I'm fucked for life.

I never drank more than a cup a day and MAYBE a soda after work this last month and I felt like absolute shit for two weeks or so after cutting that shit out.

I dun fucked up and started drinking caffeine again recently. Phone Post 3.0

Gave it up years ago - hard at first but don't miss it now Phone Post 3.0

Life lost all meaning. Gray, gray, gray days ever since.

Caffeine makes me feel like a superhero. Approx 200mg a day. I will never leave it. Phone Post 3.0

After cutting out soda, I was sleeping less but feeling better and more well rested when I got up

TFK_HossPearson - Caffeine makes me feel like a superhero. Approx 200mg a day. I will never leave it. Phone Post 3.0
This. And as Tiresias said, its delicious and good for you. I used to drink a shit ton of it but now just one 16 or 20 oz a day. I think the max healthy amount of caffeine a day is roughly the amount in a 20oz drip from a coffee shop. Around 300 or 350mg. Phone Post 3.0

Don't go cold turkey, switch to decaf and see how it goes.

No decaf, bad for you.

Coffees benefits are overhyped. Like most thing ymmv. Most people shouldn't drink it.

Read a book called caffeine blues. Phone Post 3.0

Switch to water u will feel great after a week Phone Post 3.0

Gradually cut down and start working out 3-5x a week Phone Post 3.0

Coffee aint bad for you, it's actually very good for you. Just cut out the creamer and sugar and go decaf.

as for soda, stop drinking soda period.

I enjoy caffeine but I don't like being addicted to anything or having my body get too used to it because it loses some of the effect. So I will "cycle off" pre-workout and other forms of caffeine every 6 weeks or so. I get the headaches, but I notice it's not nearly as big of an issue if I hydrate like a madman. If you start getting a headache, just have a small cup of tea or coffee and you should be able to ween yourself off pretty easily. It works for me anyway.

I quit caffeine for like 6 months for reasons I don't even remember. Higher testosterone, maybe?

I dunno. I definitely didn't feel any different. Recently started back up. I really enjoy coffee. Not like "Oh I need it to wake up" but I really enjoy making and drinking high quality coffee.

Didn't notice any differences when I started drinking it again. Phone Post 3.0

If you have problems with withdrawal symptoms, I recommend blending decaf and regular to ween yourself off. You can start with something like 75% for a while, then move to 50%, etc.

I quit caffeine for a few years after I had sleep problems. After adjusted I could wake up feeling good without the need for it. Phone Post 3.0