Your fantasy TUF season

I know it won't happen and it's a stupid idea but seriously how awesome would a TUF season with the top 16 welterweights on UFC be at the moment!

Winner gets Hendricks, coaches Ludwig and alpha team and panderias and nova team! Phone Post 3.0

My fantasy TUF season is the one where they announce it's going to be the final season.

Comeback season would be the only watchable season but wouldn't happen because they'd expose all the fighters when their true personalities come out Phone Post 3.0

Yea, another Comeback season would be cool. Phone Post 3.0

Yeah who would you have in it now though? Phone Post 3.0

I think it would make sense for the ufc to do a comeback season for the smaller divisions to build some profiles up a little since they're not so popular atm. Get fighters in there like poirier, Stephens etc could be fireworks Phone Post 3.0

That would be pretty cool throw Mcgregor chad and cub In the house that would be awesome! Phone Post 3.0