Your Fav Monster Heel?

Let's face facts folks.
We've all had a favorite big badguy.
Even though there is a hundred monster heels,which one was your favorite?

I'm going to have to say that mine is Vader.
Even though from what I understand,he is a real weirdo freak in reality,I've always like watching him wrestle for some reason.
Him and Flair had some great matches.
If I'm not mistaken,there was even a video game character based off of him?(Raiden from Fatal Fury)

Altough I agree with you that Vader was good, I wouldn't call him a "monster heel".
He was too good a worker in his prime for that moniker, imho.

When I think of monster heels, I think of guys like Kane, Kamala, One Man Gang, Rev. Tiny know, guys who were just big and had a limited aresenal.

"real weirdo freak in reality"

You know Crazy, on second thought, YOU'RE RIGHT!
Vader has ALWAYS been referred to as a monster heel.

Don't know what I was thinking!

In that case, I'd have to agree with you.
It' Vader, hands down.
My honorable mention goes to Bruiser Brody, though.

Vader was the fuckin man!!

"real weirdo freak in reality" Example?"

A real emotional guy,who drinks and fights cops and police dogs.

Stan Hansen

Abdullah the Butcher has no peers in this regard. I once saw a match from Puerto Rico at an outdoor stadium where Abby fought The Fabulous Lance (used to work as Lance Von Erich). It was similar to a slasher horror movie atmosphere as the rain was coming down hard & you could hear the sound of thunder in the background. Abdullah just completely destroyed him from start to finish. He hooked both his arms in the ropes & kept stabbing him in the head with a fork over & over & over. It seemed to last forever as he just wouldn't stop.

Not only was Lance was bleeding horribly from the forehead, but because of the rain, the blood spread all over his body. Fans in the stands were screaming and it legitimately looked like he would kill him right there in the ring. It was a crazy scene. Jobbers from the back ran in with their raincoats on, but no man could stop the all out assualt of the Butcher!

Abby drew money all over, scaring the hell out of fans around the world during a period where people thought what they were watching was happening for real. People were scared to death of him and truly believed he was a sadistic insane monster.

I've seen near riots start as fans would topple over each other & run for their lives when he would enter the stands just to intimidate them. He was truly one of a kind.

Damn McCany,that sounds sweet.
I think him owning a resteraunt though makes him less furocious,unless he's the one that hands out the silverware.

one of my regrets as a rasslin fan is that I never got to see the LOD in their true glory as heels back in the AWA. I didn't see em til the NWA days and they were faces by that point...just not the same.

That was an awesome Abby story!
I have a shoot interview with The Butcher and I swear that the guys in the room with him shooting the video were intimidated by him (he was even messing with them a little bit in this regard).

Abdullah no doubt

I've got a tape between Abby and Carlos Colon and the amount of blood spilled is incredible

"I must say Vader is the person who spings to mind when I hear 'Monster Heel'."

What, you don't think of Big Daddy first?


I will agree with Dangerboy on picking Yokozuna. I don't think he gets enough credit though. When he first entered the WWF he was physically amazing. 500lbs and moved awesome. He was quick had great agility with some bigtime moves. I think he was the most athletically gifted big man ever the the WWF.

I liked Ludvig Borga for the short time he was in the WWF.

Major monster heels as i remember

Earthquake, used to fucking hate him as a kid.

Sid Vicious in NWO. I remember him powerbombing 4 guys in a row and them all being piled on the same strecher. LMAO!!!!!


Who remembers Nikita Koloff in the old school NWA days? He was a great heel that had all of that USSR heat on him from the crowd. When I remember the Russians from back in the day it makes me think of my childhood.

Ive always like Bam Bam He wasnt as big as Vader but still very

Vader, Taker, Kane, Yoko,.... those are some of my faves....