your fav submission?

What's your favorite submission, your go-to specialty that you love to slap on people and make them tap? Why?

I'd say mine is the good ol leg triangle choke. Works like a charm when you set it up right, plus it's quite flashy even though its a "basic" move.

Americana from 1/2 guard.  top.

huh. like the americana from 1/2. no one expects a submission attempt, they're busy stuffing a potential pass.

1/2 guard top?

KIMURA from everywhere.

But my favorite thing to do is pass the guard! WOO HOO!!

im a fan of the gogoplata

Kimura from NS.

heel hook is good if you slap it on fast enough

but I love catching people in a triangle

3 finger oil check, thread ova!

Gi chokes followed by the Americana or Kimura.

side mount to north south choke or short arm scissors

Mount - arm triangle
Standing - guillotine.
Side mount - americana
Guard - kimura

Basic armbar. Guess I'm just a meat and coos-coos kind of guy.

Reverse leg tri-angle from back mount.

Rear naked choke

My favorite submission to catch people in is the rear naked choke or the triangle. My best submission is the straight armbar.

Triangle...Im not that flexible but have long legs and a short torso.


The Rear Naked Choke has served me well over the years.

This isn't really a submission I guess . . . I mean, I know this move ONLY through wrestling but I do know it's intensely painful.

It was my favorite wrestling move and our school was actually so notorious for it that teams would go over it before they wrestled us. In these clips, after the guy gets the hook in, they usually force the other guy's arm over to finish the move. One of the cool things about it is that an unprepared opponent sometimes might try and grab the top guy's head in a headlock to pull him over, which of course is the exact wrong thing to do.