Your favorite Beastie Boys tune?

Jimmy James. 

So What'cha want? as well and everything else already listed.

HotSteppa - All of them.

She's Crafty 

Paul Revre

King Trav - 

Can’t pick one. Egg man, fight for your right, intergalactic, sabotage, girls, wat’cha want, Paul revere, shake your rump, body moving, pass the mic....etc etc etc. 

GOAT act. They’ve been in my life since I was about ten years old. 

Got to absolve my soul somewhat thus this thread (via music). Finally caved in and watched the Irreversabile scene last night per what the OG was saying about over the years (and it was brought up in a thread last night) and I didn’t think it could be that bad - well it was. Fuck that scene and fuck whoever brought it up here…



It’d be like picking my favorite kid.

I love that the Hey Ladies video above.

Aside from the classics that were already posted, this is one of my favs

Shes Crafty & Paul Rever

High plains drifter

so whatcha want remix ft b-real 

honestly their are way too many tho there’s at least 10 more I want to list as favorites 

Paul Revere but this could change daily probably my favorite group of all time.

Root Down with a special shout out to Boomin’ Granny.

Sabotage but paul revere is a real close second. Excellent story telling.

HotSteppa - All of them.