Your Favorite Fed

Out of all of the organizations that are running today,which do you prefer the most?

Mine ofcourse is,


I love what they stand for,Everything that they stand for.They try to keep it how I personally love wrestling,as a sport.The belts,the bouts,the wrestlers.Most of the wrestlers are without a doubt the best in the world,and they also bring in more,even legendary pros such as Foley,Steamboat(not wrestling) Mutoh and Lyger.They were the company that let Eddy prove that he's still got the speed and skills.

Punk,Samoa Joe,American Dragon,Austin Aries,and much much more.Wrestlers like London,Spanky,Styles,Christopher Daniels,Low-Ki,and many more all threw down in ROH.


Rob Feinstein.

Rob Feinstein is a fucking turd.

Which is even more amazing to see the company bounce back from that whole situation like it has that the turd brought onto himself.

That stupid turd.

Here's his personal Blog: