Your favorite fighter - Back in the Day edition

Crocop - Was the shit in Pride. 

Randy Couture - Got dusty after Randy lost to Chuck.

Igor Zinoviev- From a few blocks away in Brooklyn, beat a 300-0 BJJ BB in Mario Sperry, then beat Enson, then I was sure he was going to beat Frank Sham. Was the bouncer at Scores and an all around good dude. Taught classes at some weird karate dojo on Bath or Cropsey Ave.

Waay back: Don Frye, no contest

Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell will always be my favourite fighter. I don't get the same nervous excitement for any other fights as easily as I would when a Chuck Liddell fight would come on. Phone Post 3.0

Belfort and Rizzo Phone Post 3.0

Just for stepping in the ring at 53 yrs old to test himself...

Evan Tanner

Pedro Rizzo and those leg kicks - no can defend.

Toki Wartooth - Evan Tanner
All day, every day. Phone Post 3.0

Dan Severn, the first wrestler to dominate.

Yves Edwards has been my favorite fighter for the past 11-12 years.

Back in the day, it was Wanderlei. He is still my second favorite.

Way back , taktarov, then godfather of GNP mark Coleman, then chocolate al. Phone Post 3.0

Maurice Smith when he beat Coleman, thought that was awesome, made me a fan.


Not cause it was Coleman just how unstoppable Coleman looked at the time

Back in the day for me was

Bill Wallace

Benny Urquidez

But back in the day in MMA for me would have to be

Pat Miletich

Mark Coleman

and not so far back but Chuck Liddell too

Pele , he was the first real killer in nhb. Anderson is what pele could of been.

Always loved Carlos Newton , I'm a little biased as I was able to train with him.

And saku, I mean I could go on all day Phone Post 3.0


Is Nick Diaz a 'back in the day' fighter now?

Rizzo was probably the first fighter you could say I was a fan instead of just running in to see the spectacle. Tank scared the crap out of me, but I was half waiting to see someone shut him down as much as if he killed someone. Phone Post 3.0

Royce. Regardless of who he faced, what he did was amazing.

Fedor, too. Well, Fedor is my No.1 pick AFTER Royce's era.

How THE FUCK do you train in the local school playground and beat the BEST IN THE WORLD at their OWN GAME and remain so humble? I honestly think that EVERYONE can learn from Fedor, as a person. He is just so intriguing and amazing.

The two that I mentioned are the greatest fighters known to man,IMO. Both had the heart of a lion and ALWAYS found a way to win.

Legends, the pair of them.

Roberto Duran
James Toney
Chris Byrd
Gary Goodridge
Andy Hug
Genki Sudo
Nick Diaz
BJ Penn
Chuck Liddel
Connor McGeggor.

just a quick rundown of the mainstays throughout the years.