your favorite gi

which of your gi's are you happiest with. i need another gi or two. (i only have one and the laundry is killing me). i train alot and my one little cheap gi seems to be holding up fine, but i would like another one. which ones do you guys recommend

I alternate between HCK and Koral. I love them both.


I used to wear HCK but I don't really like how heavy they are.  I then went to Machado but they are about 1/2 size to small.  I stole a buddies Atama and it fits perfectly.  I haven't tried a Koral.  I might have to check them out. 

Keiko Raca

Keiko Raca X 2
Atama summerweave (waiting to compare it to MKimonos summerweave)

Get the hybrid weave!!

got a Keiko and 2 Atamas, like both, but watch the shrinking on the Keiko.

I own 13 usable gi's at last count. Tell us what you'd like, or think you'd like, as far as gi features and we could help you more.

I am personally most satisfied with my NaGuarda gi; thick material but breathes well so I don't get too hot (even in a warm training environment) and it soaks up sweat well, no back seam, high cut sides so it doesn't bind at the hips when I move, and the lapel is thick but not too stiff for me to work with it.

If you train in a warm climate or someplace without A/C, I recommend Vulkans or Korals. Korals run large, and have a cool rubbery lapel. The Krugans I've seen appear to have the same light feeling weave, although I've never owned one.

If you want to piss off your training partners, get HCK. I get brush burns from grappling people in those, but maybe it's because the dudes I train with are too cheap to buy fabric softener. Anyhow, those are super thick with stiff lapels, and will probably last long enough to pass it down a couple generations. My Tagoya double is similar to HCK, but less extreme.

MKimonos and Atama are in-between in weight; their golds are fairly light but not as light as Korals and Vulkans. Atama has a horizontal back seam though, and MKimono doesn't. Atamas run small.

My Kikskin double had an odd fuzzy lining similar to fleece; I recommend it only if you train in an over air-conditioned gym. The fuzziness on mine is wearing so it's getting cooler, but it takes a long time. This gi has a thin flexible label.

if $$ is not a problem...the Mizuno Supreme (called double deluxe now?) day (when i'm "good" enough) i'll man up and get it, but it is costly, no doubt about that...right now i just go w/ training "no name" my level they are plenty good enough...MSF

thanks guys. i just got a gameness in the mail and want to try it out. im shrinking it right now. but actually tonight is no gi night. i wont get to try it until tommorow. it is much thicker than my current gi. i need another one though so i'll be looking into your advice.

hey tap me whats with the rubbery lapel. how does that feel and work. thanks

Mizuno's Kano Gi.

I like HCK the best, but I'm thinking of trying a Koral the next time I buy a gi.

ripnet, find somebody at your gym with a Koral and feel it. The rubber makes it thick yet flexible to conform to the body better, not as stiff as canvas which IMHO can dig into your own body.

yeah that sounds cool. nobody at my school has a koral. seems like atama and kiksin are the favs of my gym

Korals are light and loose....I like that.

I buy the Keiko a little big, and it shrinks and then fits perfect. Other Gi's have always been a little two big, or a little too small.

I like MKimonos as well. They have a better jacket but worse pants. I think everyone should go to the cord-tie rather than cloth strip.

Atama, HCK, and Gameness have the seem down the back.

You can get your Koral gi at

ones I don't care for:

Kikskin- rip too easy

HCK- should be banned from competition

Mike Valentine,

Why should HCK be banned? I don't own one, but I've heard great things about them. I'm not trying to be a jerk, I am just curious. Thank you...MSF