Your favorite guitar solo

For me it's probably "Who's Crying Now" by Journey. Neal Schon just crushes it.

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Brian May - I Want It All (single) Phone Post 3.0

Ace Frehley - Rock Bottom,  Kiss Alive 1

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November Rain Phone Post 3.0

Testament - Return to Serenity Phone Post 3.0

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Ace Frehley-Shock Me,Alive 2 Phone Post 3.0

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Prince at 3:27



I'm more of a breakdown man myself. Phone Post 3.0

Maybe not the greatest but Skid Row's "18 and Life." Phone Post 3.0

Since i been lovin you- Led Zeppelin Phone Post 3.0


Awaken the Dreamers - All Shall Perish
Vela, We Await the Storm - The Human Abstract Phone Post 3.0

Love the one Prince pulled off during that big group of guys playing While my guitar gently weeps.

HeHitsMeBecauseHeLovesMe - I'm more of a breakdown man myself. Phone Post 3.0
Doyle - Helena Phone Post 3.0

Hendrix - Pali Gap. Doesnt really qualify as a solo since it's all guitar, bass and drums, but it's pure magic.

Every single solo by Mark Knopfler and EVH. Not my favorite guitarists but my favorite soloists for sure!!!

The guitar MK did on once upon a time in the west is epic. All of the guitar work on Communique is killer! Phone Post 3.0

Dire Straights- Sultans of Swing  Alchemy Live




Shine on you crazy diamond

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Stairway to Heaven live off The Song Remains the Same album. Phone Post 3.0

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Joe Satriani, in that one song. Lol

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Mr Crowley Phone Post 3.0

The second solo in comfortably numb Phone Post 3.0