Your favorite K-1 GP's??

Let's hear em!!

I forget the year, but it was when Hug beat Hoost in overtime, mainly for that fight.

99 for all the big KOs, Lebanner on Aerts, Hoost on LeBanner, and Hoost on Cro Cop. Hoost has 2 tough opponents in Andy Hug and Jerome Lebanner to get into the finals and Cro Cop has Musashi and an injured Sam Greco and Hoost still beats Cro Cop's ass.

WhiteWhale hit the nail on the head.

nothing can beat K1 Max world GP 2003. Nothing.

"Come on guys, its an easy one: 1996, the year Andy Hug brought home the Title with a spinning back low kick TKO over Bernardo who outweighed him by 40 lbs."

That was awesome, but I don't think Andy should have even made it to the finals. Hoost was robbed imo. That's probably why Hoost kicked Andy's ass so bad the next year's GP, he knew if he didn't dominate he wasn't gonna get the decision. And even though he beat dominated he still only won it 2-0 when it should have been a unanimous 3-0.

But back on track, yeah, he finished Bernardo in incredible fashion just after a grueling 5 round semi with Hoost.

"nothing can beat K1 Max world GP 2003. Nothing."

Is that the one with Masato beating Kraus in the finals?? If so, that was great, but some of the classic GP's easily rival or surpass it.

The classic Gp's were good but K1 Max brings kickboxing to a whole new level. K1 Max fighters are technical, fast and powerful enough to KO each other.

Plus the girls go crazy over Masato and Kraus, which is good for the sport!

Hug was the man. Ladies man too, I heard he dated japanese rottie Fujiwara.

'96, '97 & '99. Last years K-1 MAx event was pretty fantastic as well.

Hug's not blond.

and from the span of 2002- present, Masato would have turned the country back to Asian again! hahaha...

Hug was popular, but not overwhelmingly among the ladies. Uberhottie NOrika Fujiwara liked and dated him. That's an accomplishment.

Masato however is probably the most popular guy among japanese girls in fightsport. This guy has his own cologne brand now! haha...