Your Favorite Local Bar?

Mine doesn't exist anymore. It was in NW Washington, DC at 7th & E Streets. The DC Space. It was truly special.

It's a Starbucks now... :(

The nouche in Nashua NH was the shittiest dive bar ever. Then they decided to buy the building next to it and expanded and put a giant deck outside. It's a beautiful bar now but, man the time had in that shithole. You would walk into the men's rooms which was one toilet one urinal and one sink. All would have some dude pissing in each with someone chopping lines up on the counter, just letting people do free coke most the was absolutely amazing.

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The Whig in Cola, SC


Great dive bar. 

For purely bar its The Fireside in Palm Springs Ca. It is a total dump, but its got a 16 foot shuffle board, 18 dollar buckets of beer and is open from 6am to 2am every single day.

Lots of TVs for sports or whatever else, a small "library", and covered outdoor area. Its always the same people inside, and they are always friendly. 

If I want something more upscale I hit Revel in Downtown PS. 5 dollar beers at the bar all day long and good food. Awesome staff working there also.

I had a few all gone sadly.

NW3 10th and 1st ave NYC

Nation and The Lounge -Ave A

Ludlow Bar- Ludlow st

Korova Milk Bar- Ave A


Was Bucklands in upstate NY.  


RIP my old stomping ground