Your favorite low level monster?

I'd have to say that I really love the gelatinous cube. It has no rhyme or reason. It's just a big, goody cube!

also a big fan of the shrieker. I just love the idea of a giant mushroom screaming it's head off!

and skeletons.. nothing says cool like fighting legions of undead.

I'm with BIC on the skeletons. Always dressed up with some ancient armor and weapons, or tattered robes. Nothing makes searching a tomb complete like hordes of skeletons.

One of my most hilarious moments as a DM was when I ran a group of 8-10th level guys who were rather cocky. At one point they engaged a small group of kobolds and stomped them flat, then proceeded to engage in gratuitous high-fives and self-congratulations.

Alas, they had eliminated the point men of a 1500 member kobold regiment, who proceeded to swarm them with a ruthless human wave attack....or would that be kobold wave? ;-)

When they all woke up hog-tied and gagged in the kobold prison pens, they were a bit more respectful of the little guys.

So I guess my favorite low level monster is not a monster per se, but rather a horde of anything. Hordes are great :-P

i like killing low level humans evil laugh

goblins + murder holes to dump stuff down on PC's = throwing dice at DM!

orcs with class levels.


Blue kobolds.

Swamp Thing! Or Tribbles.

Orge Mage!!! those were some tough bastards!!!

almost forgot stirges!


FD mentioned the carrion crawler on another thread... low level death!

wights!!!..are a bitch!

Vampires!!!..when you're that low in XP they will mess up your world!!!

the quickling was always a hoot....

Lizard men