Your favorite movie where no one gets killed?

What's your favorite movie in which no character is killed by another? 

Saving Private Ryan

Angels in the outfield. Unless cancer is a character. In that case, it kills Mel Clarke Phone Post 3.0

Willy wonka. Oh wait.... Phone Post

Almost said dumb n dumber....

Almost said Dumb n Dumber too.

Machete Kills

I mean Moonrise Kingdom.

Yeah, Moonrise Kingdom. Phone Post 3.0

Rambo Phone Post 3.0

Karate Kid Phone Post

Grandma's Boy
Maybe Back to the Future Phone Post 3.0

The flinstones viva rock Vegas.... Oh Phone Post 3.0

Batman Phone Post 3.0

Was going to say Clerks but they go to the funeral.

The incredibles is incorrect as well, a lot of supers die in that. Phone Post 3.0

The Goonies

Mushroom Slap - The Goonies

oh shit, i forgot about Sloth

Mushroom Slap - The Goonies

Dead guy in the freezer that falls on chunk. Phone Post 3.0

Ferris bueller

House of a 1000 corpses.

Perverted POV 7

killed as in murdered or just die?

The Crow Phone Post 3.0