Your favorite Pride FC Card ??

To be honest i only saw some YouTube clips about Pride never watched a full event..

I opened Pride FC 26 Bad To The Bone.. And DAMN!!!!!!!! That is a SICK card!!

What is your favorite card and a MUST WATCH event??

Are we including Bushido?

 To be honest... I forget which cards were which (shut up zed & suess)

PRIDE had so many fun fight cards

All of them Phone Post

Pride Critical Countdown is one of my favorite gems from that era, makes 2006 feel so recent for being more than half a decade ago

bryanand - Are we including Bushido?

No bushido in the downloads.. Why? Are those better pride cards or?

Watch in order.

That is what I did, well worth it.

Final Conflict 2003.

Liddell vs overeem Phone Post

Someone I know downloaded the same torrent I think, you'll lack pre-Pride 10 and all bushido events, but it's still a gem!

He wasn't around for Pride, but he enjoyed watching some of the events anyway. It's a very different feel from the UFC. The fights are often slower, differently paced, more methodical. The arena is quieter, so you can hear the thumping of the fighters running around. Very different :D Unique.

Bushido 9 Phone Post

"No bushido in the downloads.. Why? Are those better pride cards or?"

In some cases yes, Bushido 9 is one of the best MMA cards ever. Bushido 3-6 is not that good IMO, the rest of them are on par or better then Pride cards and destroy most UFC cards.

mixedmartialfarts - Final Conflict 2003.  By the way, are you sure you want to be telling the world that you're pirating almost 80 gigs worth of Pride events?

Where am i saying that... I know what i did there =))

Uberstone - Watch in order.

That is what I did, well worth it.

In order is the best way to go, but any of the Grand Prix tournaments, particularly 2003(Wanderlei, Rampage, Liddel) or 2005 Final Conflict(Shogun's epic run and also Fedor-Cro Cop).

If you want to go a little more old school, the 2000 Grand Prix finals was epic. 8 man single night tournament:

Sakuraba vs Royce Gracie
Mark Kerr vs Fujita
Igor Vovchanchyn vs Gary Goodridge
Akira Shoji vs Mark Coleman

Also Ken Shamrock's first fight back from the WWF against Alexander Otsuka.

Pride 10 is also an awesome card headlined by Sakuraba vs Renzo Gracie. Also has a young and savage Wanderlei Silva vs Guy Mezger. A lot of great finishes on that card.

Pride 25

Really, there are so many great cards, it's hard to go wrong. As a number of people have said, Bushido 9 is one of the best cards of all time.

OnlyTheStrongSurvive - Pride 25

Body blow... Yes! Phone Post

OnlyTheStrongSurvive - Pride 25

Body blow... Yes!

33 was quality too, some sick finishes. Phone Post

Only favorites guys.. No spoilers please :P

Has 33 been mentioned yet? If I recall correctly, that card was great.

10 and Bushido 9 were great as well.

2005 is my favorite tournament. Nogueira vs. Shogun is the greatest fight of all time IMO, better than Shogun/Hendo. Phone Post