Your favorite song from a Disney animated film?

Phuckles - Hakuna Matata.

If you don't know what that is from you had a terrible childhood and are probably some kind of murderer/rapist.

Or you're just an old fart. ):

SamOnDrums - BE PREPARED !!! Phone Post 3.0
FINALLY!!! All this Hakuna Matata bullshit being thrown around when the real answer is from the same movie. Phone Post 3.0

Arabian Nights - Aladdin or This is Halloween - Nightmare Before Christmas

Let it Go.  



Sithi uhm ingonyamaaaaa..... Phone Post 3.0

Let it go from Frozen. Phone Post 3.0

I just can't wait to be king - Lion King.

I'll make a man out of you - Mulan. Phone Post 3.0

Lion King has the best soundtrack hands down. From beginning to end, all the songs are great. Phone Post 3.0

A Whole New World Phone Post 3.0

Easy lol

Hellfire - Hunchback of Notre Dame

Epic song Phone Post 3.0

What what what????

No love for "you ain't never had a friend like me?" Phone Post 3.0

Prokofiev - Peter And The Wolf March, Peter and the Wolf

Paul Abraham Dukas - The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Fantasia

I Wanna Be Like You by Louis Prima in THE JUNGLE BOOK.

"The Headless Horseman" by Bing Crosby from THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW

"Hakuna Matata" from THE LION KING, also "Be Prepared".


I'll have to think about it, but it's definitely not "Let It Go", my nieces have permanently scarred me with that song... Phone Post 3.0

ClevelandCursed - Gascon - Beauty and the Beat

He's the original OG'r

The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

But all of these songs are awesome. Phone Post 3.0

If you're a fan Disney songs then you MUST be a fan of my Filipina MILF fantasy... Lea Salonga. She's sang the female parts in several Disney films.

instrumental played during epic dance scene in Tangled. Phone Post 3.0

Willybone -

"In Summer" is awesome.


Winter's a good time to stay in and cuddle

But put me in summer and I'll be a-

(looks down at pool of water on the ground)


I sing this to me daughter all the time. She even adds in the "don't you dare" right on time. Phone Post 3.0

"Everybody wants to be a cat" from Aristocats. Phone Post 3.0