Your favorite youtube channel?

Lol Jomboy is a great channel unless you’re an astro fan


20 questions with Pastor Mike Winger
InspiringPhilosophy Christian Apologetics Channel
Pastor Gene Kim always up to something crazy
Mr. Ballen interesting stories
DrewGooden cracks me up

I watch tons of wildlife documentaries on youtube. Also 1990s chicago bulls basketball, early 2000s Miami Hurricanes football, and high scoring big 12 football games.

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“Iron Wolf” - high rep burpees and calisthenics.

Love this dude’s videos, not just for the exercises but for the values he expresses and demonstrates.

If my kids were young again, I’d want them to watch as well.

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Whistlin Diesel is awesome.


This is my new favorite channel since this past month. He is the gold expert

the stern channel has a rare vid of Artie trying to pick up whatever stripper they have in at the time and it shows their boobies

If you guys are gonna post the name of a channel that’s random or doesn’t make it obvious what the channel is about, can you add a couple word description of what kinda channel it is?
That would be a huge help.

He does reps WAY higher than I’m a fan of personally (I don’t like ultra high rep stuff for the long haul - I don’t think it’s good for your joints), but damn if that dude isn’t a stud.

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Every year on May 4th, Simon Pegg retweets the link to the RLM Star Wars reviews.

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CoolGuitarGear , interesting shitt