Your Favourite MMA Instructional?

Hey guys,

One of my friends from Norway asked me to see what you guys thought the top sets were for preparing to do some amateur NHB while still getting some BJJ fundamentals (he’s seen my Roy Harris 101 and 201 DVD’s, and the 101 top control tape, although he was a bit drunk, and may have forgotten a few details, read most of it).

I was debating between Sperry (I have the first set and would be interested getting the next two) or suggesting that he get Matt Thornton’s JKD series II or Chris Brennan’s set (neither of which I have seen). So, would you guys have any recommendations? Also, for people who have seen Chris’s stuff, does he present a game plan like Sperry or Thornton, and does he go over principles behind why stuff works (ie Jen, Harris, etc)?

For me own part, now that I am writing all of this out for my lazy friend (buddy, if you are reading this, get off your @$$ and register already:-) I wanted to ask if you guys really like getting an instructional for a “gameplan” or do you think you are better off collecting some techniques that you like from DVD’s and class, and then maybe working one on one with your instructor or a high ranking team mate to develop you own gameplan? I do like Sperry’s way of linking techniques in a series of possible counters, but as for the gameplan stuff, do you guys think that his style suits you? Just curious for thoughts on that.

Thanks for the time and recommendations.


I have only seen Sperry SOSG and FJKD2. I highly recomend FJKD2. Incorporates good theory which helped me alot in side control. Personally, i like getting an instructional for a "gameplan" but most often i just end up collecting techniques from dvds and try to incorporate it into my game since i have not seen much gameplan vids.

Sperry's vale tudo sets are great... right now am really into the "crazy monkey craze" look at Singer Bros Hardcore boxing and Rodeny King's street boxing for great stand up and clinch work...



I like Chris Brennans a lot. Sperry's are good too!

Get Sperry for VT. You will get a game plan and some really workable techniques.

Chris Brennan's tapes are good, but basic (not that that's bad, but that must be what you want).

FJKD 2 is good. Not MMA specific, but is relevant of course.