Your favourite year/s in music

mine was 1984-85 because:

1. Purple rain

2. Do they know it's christmas?

3. Live aid ( born during this event can legally drink in Ontario now...I'm old!)

4. relax...don't do it!

5. Electro & breakdancing

6. first introduction to reggae music

7. New order: Blue Monday (actually released in 1983, but it was still hot in 84)

8. Huge year for new wave

can't believe you'd pick that year without putting this as the #1 album.

You hit it right on the head Otsuka.

1984 is a great album. I saw VH on that tour--it was my first
concert ever. I couldn't believe how loud it was.


Planet Earth peaked in '73,then the Stooges broke up.J/K!

If I had to pick a 5 year era,I'd go from '69-'74,in both jazz and rock,even though I was born in '68.Old school's better than no skoo.


Fair enough...

I can't decide.

I think I might have to go with Majic Sam on this one.

Acoustic Blues - 1926-38

Electric Blues - Early 50`s

Jazz - middle 30`s to early 40`s and Late 50`s Early 60`s

R&R Middle 60`s to very early 70`s

Country - middle 20`s to early 30`s

hillbilly -

I a little suprised that you like stuff up to 38.

The only reason i even go as far as 36 is because of robert johnson. By the middle of the 30's, the solo performer was out of fashion, replaced by the trio. big bill brunsey(sp?) stuff, and other. The "country blues" sound was really out or fashion. I thought you were more into the barrel house type of sound.

I guess the main reason I went to `38 is because of Blind Boy Fuller. Some of Ledbelly`s best recordings were also around `40 when he was in his 50`s. For Delta and even Piedmont, 1928 was an awesome year.. I do favor the barrel-house stuff without a doubt.

Of course the big reason the sound changed so much in the late 30`s was because of the electric guitar.

For rock and roll, 1978.