In the aftermath of the recent BodogFight PPV, I'd like to ask for your thoughts and criticisms regarding the commentary in general, as well as my own performance specifically. I'm still new to the broadcasting game and it's you guys whom I'm supposed to be impressing, so I would appreciate you all telling me how to best do that. Thanks in advance.

You did a great job, your prefight stuff was straight forward and factual. Well done. But please send the colonel back to boxing immediately. Actually...Keep him out of boxing as well.

I thought the Colonel did an ok job, and it was apparent that he at did some research and tried to get a better understanding of MMA.

I thought you showed alot of improvement over the first Bodoy PPV Paul. Seemed more confident in your delivery, and more assured on when to take over the commentary for several moments at a time.

Why all hate on the colonel???he's good commentator but he's not good for bodogfight which should be more cutting edge and should target the key demographic 18-34 males....Having colonel on there doesn't send that hip pop culture message..

"Get rid of the other guy, go to a 3- man commentary team with a professional fighter commentating along with you guys."

Who are you referring to when you say "the other guy"?

We already have a 3-man team with myself filling the pro fighter spot (though my record doesn't match guys like Rutten and Couture at 1-6 MMA; 8-6 if you include Muay Thai and Kickboxing).
Thanks for the comments, guys (especially the complimentary ones, lol)--please keep them coming!

Who did the commentating? Did Jeff?

Thanks, 2Jupiters.

TFS--the commentating was done by Jeff Osborne, myself and "Colonel" Bob Sheridan of boxing fame.

No problem, CRE. I just wanted to see if I was the one you wanted to get rid of, and if so, why. I'm still new to broadcasting so I can use all the constructive criticism that I can get.

Paul, I would of bought the PPV if Suloev v. Foster was on the main card over Akano/Buckner

Bodog should stop pushing the woman fights because Buckner isnt too marketable

Also I think the PPV for spoiled for a lot @ main page

I think it would be a smart idea to have the cards in the US lol

Hey Paul: check out this thread I posted a few days ago:

I had a few suggestions...

Duly noted, Haulport, though I'm afraid I can't see Bodog revising its rule set to match the old Pride rules. I think Bodog is going to stay away from stomps and soccer kicks, just like pretty much everybody else in North America. It looks like that's the direction in which the sport is going.

That is very sad to hear.

To just follow along with what everyone else is doing is just a sure way to compete head-to-head with orgs that already control the market.

What makes Bodog different then?

The IFL has teams.

Icon has Pride-esque rules and a real Hawaiian flavor.

K-1 is a circus (Brock Lesner, Hong Man Choi)

Bodog needs to be more than just "that other promotion" or no one will care...

Bodog doesn't need to be different to stand out, they have Fedor and other top notch fighters.

I thought the Bodog commentary was very good overall. Paul and Jeff Osborne work well together the colonel is a good addition as well.

The UFC commentary is OK, Goldberg sucks but we are use to him by now.

Rogan is OK when the fight is exciting but when the fight is boring, he tries to hype it up and it doesn't work.
I know it's his job to hype it up but when a guy throws a lazy jab and he is screaming that they are throwing bombs, it's a little over the top. We don't really listen to them anymore, we just watch the fights and talk loud enough to drown them out.

I'd like less fights and more Bif Naked.

Paul, did you use gonads, retard strength, or "blew his wad" during the brodcast? If you didn't, your probably doing ok. jk. I like Rogan.

I think you and Jeff do a great job commentating. During the season you rarely put a foot wrong - I've only watched the online show though, being in the UK.

I did see a vid of Fedor -vs- Lindland online and have to say the lighting and filming were worst than usual. It seemed very dark and their heads were going in/out of shot.

I say use a circular cage and ditch the ring, as the referees have enough to watch out for.

"u said ALEKS was gassed when he was merely adjusting his mouth piece

and Fedor's rope graze had no bearing on Matt's attempted takedown"

I recall intending to convey the message that Aleks was POSSIBLY gassing because his pace had slowed down. I'll have to rewatch the broadcast and see if I didn't explain myself properly--thanks for the heads-up. I don't recall addressing the rope-grabbing issue in absolute terms, but I'll check for that too.

"Paul, did you use gonads, retard strength, or "blew his wad" during the brodcast? If you didn't, your probably doing ok. jk. I like Rogan."

LOL--none of that, though I did let loose with some choice profanities off-mic when the ring announcer hijacked the broadcast during the Lindland and Fedor ringwalks while I was supposed to be talking! :)

I thought it was great, although I would like to see the nationalities match up. You guys would say a fighter was from one country and the board behind them said another. There was a few of those.

All and all I would buy it again, you have a lot of potential as a promotion