Your Fight Predictions:Pride 12/31

What are your fight predictions for Pride New Years' show and the Royce-Akebono fight? Here are mine:

  1. Minotoro defeats Fedor by choke

  2. Yoshida defeats Gardner by armbar from the guard

  3. Sakuraba defeats Silva by kimura

  4. CroCop defeats Randleman by Left High Kick knockout

  5. Henderson defeats Kondo by Gn&P decision

  6. Gomi defeats Pulvers by ankle lock

  7. Royce Gracie defeats Akebono by heel hook


I agree with all of them except for the Sak/Silva prediction. I want Sak to win, but I just dont see how it is possible.

Chance of Something Retarded = A no contest/DQ from outside interference or ballshot or people being thrown out of a ring, a fight ending by something really odd (Like Randleman/Gardner/Akebono Beating someone by armbar, Sakuraba KO-ing someone or Royce Winning by KO from a punch)

1. Fedor Beats on Minotauro like a rented Mule, wins by decision.

Chance of being wrong: 20%

Chance of something retarded: 20%

2. Yoshida defeats Gardner by armbar from the guard, Gardner looking good but green.

Chance of being wrong: 25%

Chance of something retarded: 40%

3. Silva TKO's Saku again. Saku proving again that being 15-20 pounds outweighed by a great fighter tends to give you a concussion.

Chance of being wrong: 5%

Chance of something retarded: 10%

4. Randleman grinds out a win by decision.

Chance of being wrong: 40%

Chance of something retarded: 50%

5. Henderson clearly decisions Kondo, Kondo coming out strong, but fading under the sheer agression of Hendo.

Chance of being wrong: 20%

Chance of something retarded: 10%

6. Pulver beats Gomi by big left hand in mostly a stand up fight.

Chance of being wrong: 45%

Chance of something retarded: 10%

7. Royce Gracie vs. Akebono will be a farce and something stupid will happen in the match.

Chance of being wrong: 60%

Chance of something retarded: 95%

Andreh - yeah, its very difficult to make predictions with fighters of this caliber. I have to admit my Saku prediction is probably heavily influenced by wishful thinking.

Kai - I don't understand your % system, sorry!


That's awesome man. LOL@95% with Royve v Akebono... Isn't that in K-1 though? I got the usual "pride hater" comments after saying it was in pride... So WATCH out buddy.

Though, there'll be no replay of Fedor v Mino 1... Belee dat.

Oh, see I thought it was in pride... My bad.

Christ, I really don't know, but I'll make my best guesses:

1) Nog by decision.

2) Gardner by TKO.

3) Silva by TKO.

4) Crocop by KO.

5) Kondo, no idea how. I just think he's too experienced, too good a striker, and has too good a chin. Probably win by decision.

6) Gomi by sub, but I really haven't seen enough fights by either to really have a good guess how they'll match up.

1) Nog by decision.

2) Yoshida by sub.

3) Silva by TKO.

4) Crocop by KO (I'll be rooting for Kevin though).

5) Henderson by TKO or KO

6) Gomi by decision

And the K-1 bout: Royce by RNC

Screw Yocheeta - Pride needs a Japanese hero so badly they will put anyone up against Yo just to see him win.

  1. Fedor by dec. Copy of 1st fight. Mino will 'almost' get a few guard subs before Fedor powers out to pound him some more.

  2. Silva by axe-murderization 30s R1. Sakuraba eats knee in the clinch, then gets stomped for his trouble. RIP.

  3. Crocop by sub. Randelman is too smart to get hit by the kick, but not smart enough to defend a basic guard armbar.

  4. Henderson by KO, right hook, or maybe a knee as Kondo shoots.

  5. Gomi by dec. These two will kill each other for the whole 3 rounds, all for our viewing pleasure. Gomi gets the nod- it's Japan for chrissakes.

  6. Assuming this still goes ahead. Royce by armbar from mount. Akebono will gas around 10s into R1. Royce will wear the gi- I would want as much as possible between me and those man-boobs also.

I was going to say yoshida by choke easily, but after hearing henderson say how naturally good gardner is and that he could be the heavyweight champ in a year and half if he sticks with it, i might have to change my perdiction.

well Royce won't beat Akebono in PRIDE on 12-31 since the fight is not for PRIDE.

  1. fedor over minotoro via judges decision

  2. yoshida by points

  3. silva ko over saku

  4. CroCop defeats Randleman by Left High Kick knockout

  5. Henderson ko over kondo

  6. Gomi/Pulvers not sure

  7. Akebono over royce via pancake flattening as seen in countless cartoons

I explained the system a bit better now.

Fedor by gnp decision (rerun of the first match)

Gomi by gnp decision (Pulver is too small, he should be fighting guys like Kid instead)

CroCop by guard submission (KR will do a Fedor again, "Alright! I got an awesome takedown! Now it's all smooth sailing fro... OH SHIT, MY ARM!")

Hendo by gnp decision

Royce by guillotine

Yoshida by armbar but Rulon will show potential

Silva by decision (I honestly believe even Vanderlei is tired of kicking this guy's ass so he won't be as tenacious as usual)

Fedor by JD over a battered Nog.

Yoshida over Rulon by Sub (arm bar)

Silva KO Saku

Randelman by G&P TKO - He's got his #

Hendo by close dec. over Kondo

Gomi in a barnburner over Pulver - war of attrition.

K-1 Joke match - Royce over a badly fatigued Akebono, who quits from exhaustion.

I've read that Anderson Silva vs. Ryo Chonan has been added to the 12/31 DSE show. Good fight. I like Silva in this one.

Fedor over Nog via Dec or sub

Yoshida over Gardner via sub

Silva over Sak via ko/tko

Randleman over CroCrop via GnP Tko

Kondo over Dan via out pointed dec

Pulver over Gomi via KO

Royce over Akibono via gassed out sub