Your first MMA fight

What was it like during for you for your first MMA fight? Were
you nervous, scared, or just fired up and ready to throw
down. I'm just curious how you felt especially before the fight.
I'm training and want to fight for the first time soon. I have all
kinds of emotions running through my head thinking about
just getting prepared.

Think about that one dude who fought Vanderlei silva in Pride for his first MMA fight. He must have been scared shitless!

About three days out I was a wreck. All I coudl do was think about the fight. Finally when the night came I was more worried about if we had brought all of my gear. I can honestly say I wanted to puke right after the rules meeting. 30min later I started to get my stuff on. Suppriseingly the smell of the leather off of my gloves was all it took to get me to relax.

You'd think that standing around in your shorts with not much else than your gloves, cup, and mouth piece would make you feel weird. I guess it's the simple theory of train like you fight and fight like you train.

As for the fight it was anti-climactic. I wanted to make the take down, but he got it. All I remember after that is that I was fighting for a heel hook from the bottom while he's standing over me. All I can think is "Why the hell does his foot keep slipping loose?" Homeboy falls down from a good crank or loss of balance, I abandon the heel. He tries a knee bar. Then I roll to lighten pressure, and take his back, he truns side ways and I get the straight armbar both of us belly down. Then he pulls some spazz motion and jumps over his head. Still holding the sub we're both on out backs now. He refuses to tap so I slowly crank and he yelps, still not tapping. So I'm yelling at the ref "please break it, PLEASE BREAK IT" The ref taps me on the leg and calls the fight in my favor. My friends said the fight was a like a 1min. and 10 sec. total with 35sec happening after we maid contact.
I was thinking like pee wee UFC, but you take what you can.

I don't know if I should have sanped the arm but I felt kinda bad for the dude because his family was there. I never got the dudes name, some times I see his older brother fighting at the local shows, but we never talk.

Honestly, the most important thing is having confidence in your conditioning! I was mostly concerned about getting gassed and didnt press for the win, I could have whipped a** but was too worried about getting tired, I saved myself for later but got tired anyway. My advice is get in shape and give it Hell! Dont get nervous! You dont hear a word the crowd is saying when you get in the ring anyways. I promise!

its normal to be nervous, scared, excited, anxious ect GOOD LUCK!

I drew a blank?

I was nervous as hell about a week before the
show, but as soon as I stepped in the ring. All
the nerves went out the window and it was
showtime! Just stay focused and as relaxed as
possible and you'll be fine. GOOD LUCK BRO!!

The black beast.

first one is the best one. your definately thinkin about it a lot the last few days leading up. when i was walking to the ring I was trying to figure out a way to get out of it cuz I was a little scared and nervous. Once in the ring though all emotions left and it was like "time to do what we train for". It was an awesome feeling I wouldnt trade for the world. Good luck to you gubbs.

My first fight was an open hands fights (pancrase style, i was so nervous, i was afraid to freeze in the ring. And i saw the guy i was fighting about 15 minutes before entering the ring, and he was taller than me, he was supposed to be a kickboxer and me i'm a kenpo stylist (2nd degree black belt) with only six months of grappling, i was like, what the fuck am i doing here? Anyway, the fight started and i was so agressive, kicking him in the legs, and striking him in the face with palms strikes, he took me to the ground (i don't remember how)but i reversed him,took the mount, and stayed there for about two minutes, striking him with my fists on his ribs and striking with palms to the face, suddenly he gave me his arm, (it was there for about 1 minute but i did not want to risk a mistake)and made an armbar, he would'nt tap, so i said to the ref, stop the fight, otherwise i will break his arm. So he stopped it and i won at 4:20.

I was so relaxed afterwards, and it felt good.

I trained at a karate school for about 4 months and about 2 months with a bjj blue belt and saw on the internet where you could fight all out in a ring (battlejax). I said hell yea because i've always wanted to fight without the fear of going to jail or getting sued.

I called and signed up, I ended up fighting a Muay Thai expert that had fought pro already etc. Was pretty nervous and it showed at first, then I was able to take him down a couple times and was doing alright, i took him 12 minutes into the fight and finally made a mistake and got guillotined, but it was one of the best experiances of my life and I trained a ton after that to improve, because hey that's why we compete isn't it!

Now i'm 3-1 (not outstanding but i've had some exciting fights) as a pro and it would have never been possible without those early losses to give me motivation.

my first MMA match we clinched & both went over the top rope (me on the bottom) & smashed my head in on the floor. I fought the duration of the bout & lost on points. I couldnt feel the right side of my body for the last two rounds, I got checked over by a doctor & taken to hospital with a concussion straight after the fight. I was supposed to fight again about an hour later, but for obvious reasons the doctor wouldnt let me.

not quite the satoesque 6 second flying armbar win i was hoping for :0)

Thanks for all your stories! For me it is fun to think about
doing then I get nervous. Hopefully it won't get the best of me
the first time around.

My story.

I had a fight set up with a local guy, high school wrestler with a brawling style. Neither of us had fought and with his wrestling/brawling and my limited jiu-jitsu and kickboxing I figured it would be a good fight. I was a little nervous but it didn't really bother me. I was worried about being nervous though, because when I'm real nervous in a real fight, (which i haven't been in since high school) it's like trying to fight in mollasses. So i tried not to think about it.

Well the day of the fight i have to be there at 6:00 AM to help, (we were hosting the show.) So I brought a gatorade bar for energy before the fight. So i helped set up and we had an awesome kickboxing tourny. My brother in law got knocked out. My friend Beck got knocked out after a good fight with a solid kickboxer. Another training partner lost by towel thrown. But Pee Wee won so things were looking up.

We had a new guy named John who had a WAR with his opponent and won a close decision. So my fight was to be that night along with the finals of the kickboxing tourny. We ate, came back and started preparing for the nights event. Too busy to be nervous but now I was starting to feel it. I moved a bleacher after they took a ring out and pulled a muscle in my back. I didn't realize it at the time though. So the fights start, I was back and forth between the fights and the back where the fighters were.

My opponent hadn't shown up at this point. So my fight was coming up and we were looking for somebody to fight me. Well Cam McHargue said I could fight him and I was thinking that it wouldn't go well, for me anyway! Well they called me to the ring and said my opponent didn't show and that I "walked the walk." Well that didn't make me feel any better, because I came to fight. But then after a couple more fights they said they found somebody. I was psyched.

I warmed up and saw a tall skinny guy that looked about a buck fifty-five, I knew it was my guy. He looked tough, but he didn't psyche me out or anything. So I go to the ring, it's my time! I started to get nervous and I was cold. I hadn't warmed up enough. I could feel the fatigue setting into my chest and arms. I made myself relax and tried to make my movements fluid. I stretched my arms and jumped up and down in the ring a few times and leaned against the ropes to feel how much resistance they had. My corner was telling me things, but I didn't hear much of anything they said the whole fight. Some things I caught but I was in my own zone. He got in the ring and the ref said something to me, I tried to look at him, because your supposed to, but damn if I knew what he was saying.

continued....(sorry this is so long.)

I don't remember how i knew it was time but I walked out towards him trying to go a little faster than him. I knew immediatly that something was wrong because I couldn't throw punches with any force. I could feel it in my shoulders. But for some reason this didn't bother me, it was time for business. This is what I came for. I found range as i was approaching him and threw a high kick. He threw a cross and i ducked it. I knew pretty quickly that he had the upper hand striking. So I clinched him and landed some knees, he kneed me back and I spun and threw a hard knee. It seemed to soften him up a little. I threw a few more and tried a throw. I got him over and on the way down he reversed me and somehow landed in full mount! I weaved to one side as he was raining down punches and as I weaved back I sat up and got my feet back under me. I was still holding him around the waist so I double legged him. BOOM! The crowd roared. :)

I sarted mounting an offense punching slowly then raising up and dropping shots. his defense was good, though. I stood up to throw harder shots and he got up. I hooked on a guillotine and sat back, but he had an arm in so I had no leverage. The choke was pressing on his neck and cutting off circulation slightly so I held it pretty tightly but didn't squeeze too hard. I didn't want to waste all my strength in an adrenaline rush. So I punche his rib hoping to get that arm in. It wasn't working and he hit me hard in the neck. I tried to apply more pressure with leverage but nothing. Round ends.

Second round I came out and clinched right away. a few knees and I got a waist lock and leg trip. BOOM! (again the crowd roars. :) I stood up and passed his legs in a beautiful guard pass. got side control and tried to hit him, wasn't working so I keylocked him and took knee on belly to mount. I pinned his hand to the mat and pushed his elbow all the way up and over so that it was touching the mat, and pulled his arm towards his hip. I've never seen anyones arm go that far over! Still he would not tap. WTF? So I give up on it and start throwing elbows. One connects solidly but I didnt see it, LOL! So I start punching, those are landing but without much power. I keep throwing and he tries to escape out the back. I pin him again and punch away he's throwing back and i'm dodging and i go flat on him throwing hooks. He Upas and i'm on my back.

From here I don't even hold on. I let him raise up and throw and I dodged from my guard and he came back down, when he went up again I threw a hard hook but missed and he punched a few times and stood up. I got up and clinched. Got another slam after he waist locked me and this time I stayed standing and he pulled down hard to get me to come down too. This caused me a great deal of pain in my neck for the next couple of months, but it was worth it. I went for a kick to the head and remembered it was illegal and the ref said it too, so I told him to stand up. clinched again and couldn't get him down. Round ends.

Continued......(again sorry this is so long, but if your gonna write about one of your biggest moments ever, do it up, ya know.)


Round three.

I came all the way across the ring and threw a front kick to keep the distance I wanted. exchanged a few shots that missed and I landed a solid leg kick. I kept throwing kicks and we traded a few punches. I landed a solid right and the crowd ooh'd. :)

I was exhausted and he came after me. He threw a few punches and landed a couple and I missed a clinch and he threw a couple more landing one. I got the clinch, kneed him and slammed him again. :) Then I laid there in his guard trying to remember how to pass! I tried an UGLY pass that failed and pinned his knee. (somewhere in the laying I thought I was winning and wanted to wait it out, then I said to myself "that's not what I came here to do.") I sucked it up and mustered my strength and started punching. working good technical strikes. He tried to hold on to me but my punches were slipping through. I was pacing myself and then I heard the ten second tick. So I snatched out of his hold and raised myself over him and started throwing hard precision shots with good timing. This was my best attack of the fight. I landed about nine good shots in the last ten seconds. and the buzzer sounded. I got up and threw my mouthpiece in tribute to teammate Shaun Gay who did it after one of his fights. (some kid later gave it to my teammate, so I got it back.) Went to his corner and shook his hand, told him he was tough and thanks for the fight. It was a good one.

Got the decision 10-5, 14-1, 13-2.

It was awesome. Afterwards a lot of people told me it was the fight of the night so far. I say John's and Pee Wees fights earlier in the day were better, and I didn't see most of the night fights. It was a fight I will never forget, although some of the details are fuzzy.

Good luck man, you should love it.

I was tired from getting 2 hours of sleep and taking Nyquil to get that.

The fight went great, I spent 2 minutes underneath
Luke Dyer but taking no shots. After a reversal
we scrambled I picked him up for a good slam. After that some hard punches inside his guard, followed by a quick pass to side control where I threw HUGE ELBOWS
to the side of his head getting a complete knockout.

It was still my best result to date.

This is one of the best threads i have ever read. I love hearing the stories and one day hope to add my own. Keep em coming guys, very inspirational stuff!!

My first fight I go down to VA Beach with my wife and we spend the night---I am getting nervous in the morning and am waiting for my coach to come down to help calm my nerves. I am confident bc of the hell I went through preparing, I knew that if someone were to beat me they were gonna have to beat the living hell out of me until I couldnt move, I wasn't quitting. Anyways, its about 3 hours to fight time and my coach still hasn't arrived, he is meeting friends from Brazil and they are all coming down, 3 BJJ black belts and they are coming to root me on, a 4 month blue belt. I am getting nervous now that my coach hasn't showed and my wife and I are going out to cell phone rings as I am about ready to get on the elevator and so I let the elevator go down without catching was my coach, he said "Brett where are you?" I was like "Lloyd, I am here at the hotel, where are you?!" He said he was in traffic and all and I was like oh f**k, I am getting nervous now. I told him what room I was in at the hotel and he said cool, so I pressed the button to the elevator and was going to get some food, as the door opened to the elevator it was Lloyd laughing with all the crew on the elevator, I started laughing too and it really calmed me down.

The bell rings and I start landing some thai kicks on this guys legs...we throw some punches, he hits me solid in the eye with a stiff jab..I was like that bad? hahaha! He charged me and as we were going down, I flipped him from butterfly guard and he was laying on the side of the ring, halfway out, but I just crawled on his back like a gay caveman and started giving him rib shots from hell. We stood back up. I caught him with some more thai kicks and he switched stances and started to look flustered, I knew I had the upperhand. I caught him with a stiff jab and then he charges, we clinch and I deliver some knees that really loosened him up. As we leave the clinch I throw a straight right that misses then catch him with a left hook that puts him down to end the fight....I was very happy for everything my coach did for me, preparing me for battle...then I proceeded to drink alot :)