Your first MMA fight

I forgot to mention that i never ate the gatorade bar nor did my dumbass drink any water that day. Not smart.

My first fight started out a big mess. It was King of the Cage #4. I had about 3.5 months of Bjj training and took the fight on 2 weeks notice (thats when I started my boxing training), while my opponent was a UFC vet. After I weighed in and went over the rules, I left the arena for awhile. I came back and could not get back in cuz the security did not believe that I was fighting. I almost got in a fight with security. Anyway I finally get in and they say "you're up in five minutes." Well I took about 10-15 min and did not warm up very good at all. I still fought well and lost a controversial decision ( the crowd booed and yelled "bull shit" at the decision.
David H

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For me my first competitive match was nerve racking, I went out there and had tunnel vision between me and my apponent. Now its not a problem. I dont fight MMA though, it doesnt exactly work when my full time job is in a professional environment.

I was really calm and peaceful. my opponent showed up 20 pounds overweight, but I had showed up to fight, so I said "let's do it anyway..."

He knew I was a wrestler, and I knew he was a kickboxer (#4 world-ranked IKF 190-lb. pro international rules ;)). I expected him to throw the charging overhand right I'd seen him throw in other matches. He expected me to shoot off the bell.

We both rushed to the center, and then kind of circled hesitantly for a minute. He wondered why I didn't shoot, and I wondered why he didn't swing.

I thought I might as well get things going, so I threw a straight right, dropping my left in the process. He answered with a simultaneous roundhouse right that landed flush on the side of my head.

I stumbled to the left and the crowd cheeed. That pissed me off. I turned and started swinging at him, intent on brawling. My corner was imploring me to shoot, but I had bloodlust from being hit like that.

We traded shots for a few seconds, then he dropped his head (to duck, shoot, or cover up, I don't know). I went for a guilotine and we went down. He slipped out and began to strike me about the face and temple. I ignored it and went for submissions. After two failed armbar attempts on my part, he moved to sidemount. I turned to my knees and faced him.

He dropped his head to try and drive into me. I cinched up a tight guillotine, and he tapped at 1:48 R1.

That was my first fight.

I looked at it like a wrestling tournament, so I had no nerves, and caught a nap before my fight. It was cool.

my first fight was kind of hectic

i really hadn't had much training but still wanted to fight because its something i enjoy. so the promoter tells me he's got a guy with no experience that he'll match me with. well my guy hasn't showed up and the night is halfway through.

after awhile i say just give me anyone, he looks around to find someone to fight and the only other guy near my weight has 10 years of training(bjj maybe)and a record of 10-1. i've been nervous all night but this got me a little extra.

my fight is the main event. getting in the ring and everything upto the the staredown(my best vanderlei impression)not really listening to anything i head back to my corner with a new sense of confidence....

i come out charging and swinging like he stole my lunch money. nothing really hit so i slowed down and got my bearings. i try to box him because in that mele i saw i was actually doing better than him. i throw a couple jabs at him and to my surprise my left knocks him back! i once again charge swinging but this time i'm hitting him, i have him against the ropes he's trying to rope a dope but it's not working. this is where my confidence turns into cockiness i lost all fear and respect for his abilites.

i try to do some kind of standing forearm choke which he just turns out of and now we are clinched. he tries to take me down but i'm holdong him off. finally he gets me too far off balance i go down immediately into back mount. from there its just a matter of time before the rear-naked is sunk in.

in all the fight lasted about 40 seconds but wow what a 40 seconds!!!!!!!

am i the only one who lost they're first fight?

I lost my second fight (injury default).

does that count?


Your fight WAS the best one of the whole event. That fight ranks up there with some of the all time greats (Tito/Frank, Sak/Goes, etc...) as far as action. It was a good one and you did a hell of a job. I'm glad you declined to whip my ass when I offered to do an exhibition with you!!!!

I am ALWAYS nervous as hell when I fight. Everyone says I hide it well.....

I remember my first fight... I was fighting one of Jacare's blue belts and probably his top student at the time (in the Atlanta school)... he was picked to win the tourney and I drew him in the first round. He ran out and ducked to clinch... I threw a side kick that he grabbed and then tackled me. I rolled with the momentum and rolled him completely over me and then pulled guard. We spent the next few minutes with him struggling to pass. He finally passed and then just sat there. Ref stood us up for stalling. He comes in and ducks again to clinch but I threw a round kick to his midsection (blocked mostly by arm) and followed with an overhand right that shook him up a little causing him to duck his head sloppily when he clinched. Stuck his head right in a guilotine. I jumped to guard and stretched him out like taffy (I heard his neck pop numerous times) and he tapped. Maybe 3 mins... Then my next fight in the finals of the tourney was to go almost 25 minutes!!!! Rough first day in the ring!!!


Lloyd Irvin saw me in the elevator and goes "I've got something for you man." So I cautiously say "What?" Because he's got this look in his eye.

He said "The promoter for the fights in VA Beach called and said they needed a fighter at 180 and I said you'd do it."

Fortunately I was 184 right then so cutting wasn't too bad. I still laugh everytime I think about the exchange in the elevator

Was I nervous? Not really. It was just another competition. I had my normal level of pre-match angst, which is just enough to let me know I care, but not really nervous at all.

They were posting pictures of the fighters behind the ring on a big screen--like a powerpoint projection, and the guy was like "Don't you want to get into a fighter's stance or look tough or something?" So I say "no." He looked kind of disappointed as he snapped my photograph of me standing there grinning like I just got off the short bus.

Later on, one of my training partners friends called him on his cell phone, and asked where the fights were. Jeff told him "It's at the Elk Lodge" and the guy must have asked what an Elk Lodge was. Jeff said it was a place where "old people and rednecks hang out." LOL!!!

We skipped the rules meeting, and hung out in the hotel.

While we were warming up, Lloyd asked if I was going to throw any punches since I'd started boxing about 4 months ago. I said I didn't think so, I was just going to take him down and deal with it from there.

My opponent was a Marine, so I made sure to wear my Coast Guard T-shirt to the corner. After all, I wanted to intimidate him. Too bad I needed to take it off for the fight...

He came out, opened with a right hand and I shot in for a clean double and put him down. I was dicking around for a guard pass while he was heel kicking me in the spine. At some point, I decided to stand up to pass and he started up-kicking me in the face. I was under the impression that this was illegal, as the event was a no-closed fist to the face while on the ground match, and I couldn't kick HIM while he was on the ground, but since I hadn't been to the rules meeting, I had no idea. Lloyd was yelling at me to go for his legs--and had been, but I was kinda focused on passing his guard, just because I wanted to. My guard passing wasn't too hot at the time, and I was sort of taking it as a personal challenge. He'd been handing me his ankle at the beginning.

Well, when he started the up kicks, I was like "fuck this," and took the ankle for the submission.

I talked with him afterwards. Really nice guy. He definitely came to throw down. I often wonder how much shit his fellow Marines gave him for losing to a Coastie.

Dangerzone 4....Quincy Rice in my corner
Q says are ya scared? I say Im about to fuck
this guy up. 15 secs later I had my first
TKO. Guy threw a weak ass jab..I countered
with a right that connected and spun him, then
hit him 2 more times he went to his knees
then I finished him from there with me
standing over him with a flurry of shots.
I think I hit him 25-30 times in 15 secs.LMAO!

These stories are great! Thanks everyone....Kirik could you
please archive this. It would be great for others to read who
want to fight for the first time like myself.

My first amateur match was in a very small tournament run by a group of guys in my town. It was absolute weight class with orriginal UFC rules as well as no attacking the groin. My first match was against a guy with about 25 pounds on me who was a football player. I went right in and threw a kick that came very close, he threw a haymaker which I avoided and then he immediately tried to shoot but I landed a right hand, left kick combo to his head and he clinched around my legs trying for the double. I kneed and elbowed from sprawling position and landed some ok knees but mostly hit with thigh cause of the angle and inexperience. I defended some more takedown attempts and then telegraphed a hard right hand which he partial ducked and all the force landed on my last two knuckles which broke my right hand. Finally he clinched and I threw him to the ground and he finally tapped from exhaustion/position. After that the next guy I got I was outweighed by and needed to finish quick cause my right hand was growing more and more useless. He charged for the early takedown and I again kneed and elbowed to get an opening and then hit him with a solid ridgehand to the face which send him down in a confused heap and the ref finally stopped it after he just wasnt toegther. I had made it to the finals but the lights where we were went off for the night so we had to come back the next week to finish and I needed my put into a cast so I had to drop out. One of the best experiences of my life and showed me that practice and for real are two totally different things.

My first fights were Shootfighting fightd, but my first full blown MA fight was in WEF8. What a place to debut, I was on the undercard of Pele/Miletich, Horn/Nogieura, and like 10 other incredible fights. I was lucky enough to be in the dressing room with the Miletich team, Laverene and Jeremy were both great. My cornerman's plane was late, so Jeremy and Laverne both offered to corner me and Laverne made me get my hands taped by his boxing trainer. My cornerman showed up and it was fight time.

There had to be 4,000 people in that place, it was on PPV in Brazil, and I was shitting! I walk out to the cage, get through the anouncements, and Todd Fredrickson says "Fight!". My opponent Don Kaecher runs across the ring and I take him down with a double leg into cross body. I control there and eventually get mount where I start unloading punches, well unfortunately only a select few hit their mark and eventually I get rolled to guard. I had punched myself out, I was defending, tried an arm bar (very bad attempt), and the round ended. I walked to my corner and called the fight. I was so gassed that if I continued I would have ended up like Kohler did with Babalu. I was sick with the flu up to the fight, but I think the main reason I gassed was I did not know how to train for a fight at that level. The local shootfights were fun but this was the real deal and I do not think I was prepared. I learned a lot from that fight and it is always fun looking back at the video.

Keep the stories coming, these are fun to read....Joe 0-3 pro MMA :).

My first fight was in the Extreme Challenge. For some reason the Thursday before the fight, I went out with a buddy and went to a place that had dollar drinks night and drank about 11 rum and cokes. Needless to say, I was hung over all day friday driving down to IOWA, and was puking, couldnt eat, couldnt drink water, etc...

I was really nervous before the fight, mainly because I was dehydrated, starving, and hadn't gotten enough rest.

Of all my fights, this fight is a complete blur. I think I may have caught a knee/kick when I shot in, and then fought on auto pilot.

I gassed about 2 minutes into it, and caught a second wind shortly after.

I won, and it felt good. Then I went back to the changing area and almost passed out and laid down for 15 minutes while I recovered and drank water.

DON"t drink before fights. This was before I took fights seriously (ie I didn't do any running before this fight either)

I fought one tournament about 4 years ago. It was the Griffin Submission Open and I was hyped as hell. No fear, baby!!! I just wanted to "get it on"!!!

Mr B rock,

I tapped to armbar in 21 seconds :)

My very first was in the Eastern Amateur MMA championships in Cleveland, OH. I trained for about 2 weeks, was an avg. blue belt w/ no takedowns and no striking. Of course my opponent was a wrestler/boxer, who lost in the finals the previous year. LOL I started out with a jab and he came right over the top with a big right hand that dropped me, I tried to shoot in afterwards, but he sprawled on me and was drilling me in the head with hard shots, I elbow escaped then clinched to regain myself. I threw shots to his ear and then almost had a sleeve choke in (I had a gi on) but had no strength to finish it. Then tried an armbar which he blocked. I should've switched to triangle or calf rolled him, but I was already gassed and weak feeling cuz of the adrenaline.

Then the ref stood us up. I almost fell over I was so dizzy, but then shook out the cobwebs. I shot in and took guard as he sprawled. Nothing much happened, then he stood us up again, I took of my gi top, and looked at the guy like "It's on!" Threw a few leg kicks, then went to guard. With 30 sec left, I armbarred him from the guard and cranked it. I didn't think I had it, but he started screaming and the ref stopped it. The hometown crowd went nuts and I was the champ. I saw my training buddy in the crowd and just held my arms up and screamed "YEAH!!!" It was cool. Then I almost passed out backstage.