Your go to & Absurdly easy Crockpot recipes?

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Chuck roast, stick of good butter, packet of dry ranch dip mix, handful of Greek pepperoncinis.

No salt, no pepper, nothing else.

Lay chuck flat in crock. Sprinkle entire packet of ranch, place stick of butter in center. Toss in peppers. Cook 6-8 hrs. Serve on slices of toasted fresh bread or mashed potatoes. 

Absolute divine and top meal for any trailer park trash. 

This! Mississippi pot roast is awesome. Add in a packet of au jus or beef gravy powder and you're set. Super easy and super tasty

I make variations of this all the time. Add a bunch of chopped garlic, pearl onions, etc.

I like to use a splash of the pepperoncini liquid. And thicken the gravy at the end.

Served over steamed rice is heavenly!

Cabbage soup. Cube and fry bacon. Dice up a cabbage or two depending on how much you are cooking. I usually do about 1 full diced white onion per cabbage or close to it. Garlic based sauce like Sriracha or tapatio, johnies seasoning, pepper and garlic powder to taste, usually heavy on the pepper. Add the bacon. Simmer it until you're happy and boom. Maybe some red blend wine if you want as well. 

Some times I add carrots but only at the end and just long enough to cook them as they kinds fuck up the flavor a bit.

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This is the thread I was looking for. Gotta try this recipe