Your going to NIGHTCLUB...stuff may go down...which 2 out of these 5 men do you pick?

we’d destroy fools with our superior intellect!

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Ronda Rousey Fighting GIF by WWE

Conor Mcgregor Mma GIF by UFC

But he pulled a guys jaw off once and beat up 7 cops with his hands cuffed behind his back!


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Well Lenin, because you’re such a pussy. We wouldn’t go to a club with you. So including me we’d still need 5 guys. You Nancy’s on here can argue who else goes. But Lenin is getting a wedgie and siting this one out

Hendo, rampage, yoel after cleaning first floor would go to second :joy:

thank you faggot
for always bumping up my threads

ps no one has ever YOU invited to a club
cause your the type of bitch who runs away when his buddies are fighting

In their prime. I’d take Danny Hodge and Aleksandr Karelin.

Hodge & Karelin


Tank & Ferozzo

Bar fight . Who wins ?