Your ideal commentating team?

Lets say that you had an MMA show and could pick commentators from any combat sport of your choosing:

If you could pick two people to commentate in your show who would they be?

My choice?

Bas Rutten and Max Kellerman!!!

Your HBO Dream Team

I would pick Rogan because he knows what the hell he's talking about and he's not an assclown... and OF COURSE Bas because he's f'in hilarious...

You can't have Rogan, read the press release

Bas likes MMA not UFC

Randy is fighting

Someone like Herb Dean would be good

Bas and Quadros

I'm watching some old Pride dvds today and I'd say it doesn't get any
better than Bas and Quadros. Throw Kellerman in there with them and
I'd be very happy.

Rogan and Barnett.

Me and you.

Mr. T, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Steven Segal, maybe David Carridine as a guest announcer once in a while...

Your momma and your cousin, too.

Bas and Qaudros. I like Mauro and Kellerman are good.. I'd love to see Joe Rogan and Josh Barnett commentating. Phil Baroni was pretty funny. Pork fried rice anyone?

Bas/ Quadros/ Barnett

Bert & Ernie

Baroni and Rogan


Rogan and Kellerman

Ken Shamrock, Bas , Teddy atlas ,Quadros

The two asian dudes from "Better off Dead".

Rogan, Kellerman, Couture.

I don't care if any of those guys are not in contention, that is a stellar fucking commentating team right there.

Mean Gene Oakerland and Rampage