your kimura dvd/tapes

info on them, like where to order them.

i find myself using this move ALL the time, from EVERY position and angle. Alot of people try to get into the whole position then submission thing, but i still get that submission on people and it is the perfect setup to everything else.

one of the new guys who i learn under, rob kahn, has been telling me to fuck the position and just tap people, so i'd like to see other variations of this move.

email me your address and cc# and I will get one right out.

Chris, How much is the Kimura tape? I also would like one!


$20 with shipping

Chris is the man with that Kimura.The Leglock tape by Chris is good too.

Just make sure you see the match in Pride Bushido on PPV on the 26th. Chris puts the total Kimura lock-flow on Mitsuoka in live action! Now I gotta get that Kimura tape!

can i get one too?? ;)

chris's kimura dvd is one of two of the best instructionals there is, the other one is his guard passing tape i have a shitload of diferent tapes by a lot of people and i only ever really watch these two cos none of the others cover this subject with the principles of no gi IMHO.

"two thumbs up"

Damn,now I have to get the Guard Passing tape.Chris,Do i get a discount for singing all these praises about you?

uh, yeah I will give it to you for $20

$20!! YEAH Baby!!! jk,I really do like your tapes,bro.

How would it cost to ship one to holland?

maybe he could hand deliver it when he goes out there for a seminar??!!!?? ;)

yeah that's it!

hey westside, at what address do i send you the info?



Are there any reviews for your tapes?

Yes. "They're GREAT!!!"

Sorry that was from my Frosted Flakes. I am not sure about reviews on my tapes. There was one on but I don't know where it is.