Your last text message...

Is the only thing you can now yell during sex. What will all you pimps be yelling?

BTW completely stealing this from a reddit thread I seen today. It was amusing over there and they're a bunch of pansies, so I'm expecting some baller shit from the OG. Phone Post 3.0

Your patterns are predictable. Phone Post 3.0

Sent or received?

sent: so nice out!! Phone Post 3.0

Fabulous Phone Post 3.0

My nigga Phone Post 3.0

Yeh sent.
I guess recv'd could be what you will be hearing back. Phone Post 3.0

Sent: Loolll

Sure Phone Post 3.0

....ummm where are you? Phone Post 3.0

A picture of my cat? Phone Post 3.0

What time nigga! Phone Post 3.0

Sent: "That was Jafar trying to straight-up magic carpet his beard back off your face."

Received: "It's like there was a westerly breeze in lockup."

"Oh ok I won't say anything else than"

TheEssence - Fabulous Phone Post 3.0
I wish I knew the context in which you are out there sending one word replies of "Fabulous" to people. Phone Post 3.0

Who is this?

This is my first response to my wife every time she sends me a text. I don't think she likes it. Phone Post 3.0

OK I don't know the exact way though

Really? You want to watch with me? Phone Post 3.0

Is your new bed everything you've dreamed of? Phone Post 3.0

Yes all utilities Phone Post 3.0

Received: Playing gymnastics!
Sent: So instead of doing yoga I ate a pound of cheese and a huge ass S'mores cookie. Phone Post 3.0