Your lighter and cutter...

Did any of you cigar smokers invest in a good lighter and cutter?

I got a Dunhill Unique as a present and I bought the newest Xikar cutter with the cedar handles for half price at 40.

2$ lighter, 2$ cutter. They work fine.

Bite off the end and grab a bic.

I'm a classy guy!

the Don once used a 60 dollar cutter and 100 dollar lighter. Then, the Don lost them. Now, it's a 5 dollar torch and a 7 dollar dual-bladed guillotine

Well the lighter was a present, but I dont let it leave my house because i'm afraid of losing it.

My cutter I keep telling myself is something I can pass down. Its a lame excuse.

i always reroll mine so i dont need to use a cutter

a bic and 7 dollar double guillotine. I have a single blade guillotine I don't like as much.

I need a decent torch lighter. I have several zippos, but they will not be used on a cigar.

I've got a 7 dollar cutter, and when I'm at home I use a wooden match to light a strip of ceader(sp?) to light the cigar with. Don't know if it makes any difference, but it's what the guy at the Cigar shop recomended.


KKM is korrect