Your MMA betting experiences?

So let's hear them.
Is anyone making any decent extra cash betting online on the fights?

not anymore, since pinnacle shut down U.S. play. I give up for now.

Snapbook, so how successful were you? which is Diamondsportsbook and puts up all the MMA. I clean up there.

How well?

I won plenty of bets but my betting unit is small... usually $30-100 per bet. I made about 800 over the course of my betting

I did well with some bets I've placed too

Gomi vs Aurelio I - I placed $1500 on Aurelio & took home over 10k
Baroni vs Minowa - I took Baroni for $500 & won 2k
MacDonald vs Ed Herman - I told my brother to put $ on The Athlete & he won too...I think Big Mac was a 3:1 underdog then is good. i used to bet on b4 it shut down...only bad thing about bodog is that you can't be parlays on the fighers. only single bets...i don't know if its that way with all other sites or not. with footbal and basketball i always parlay

Nah, not since the odds started getting more realistic, and I know less about the TUF fighters than the sportsbooks. Was able to make a killing back in the day on Rampage vs. Randleman and a couple other shoe-insthat werent reflected well in the odds. I heard Tamura was a dog against Minowa, though, apparently nobody heard theyd ever fought before.

i made some nice money on Frank Trigg when he beat Charuto.

I made a fair amount of money betting on Tanner over Terrell and Sell
over Baroni. Also, on the 2nd Chuck vs Randy fight when he was the dog.
I lost on the 3rd Chuck/Randy fight when Randy was the dog. I lost all my
bets on UFC 53 & 55 and stopped betting. The last MMA bet I made was
McDonald over Leben. shut down? The site is still up and running and I have
credit there. Should I cash out ASAP?

I've made some decent money over the years, including $10 800 on the Vanderlei/Crocop draw. Surfin Joe and a few others around here do pretty well too. It's harder than it used to be though. still handles all US MMA wagers.

don't do it Tenchu!

did you see the news about IFL?
IFL Lands Two-Network Deal