your most shameful tap?

when was the time you tapping, either in competition or in training, brought you the most shame?

once many years ago, this kid came in and said that he was a shootfighter. i was a white belt at the time, but i thought that there was nothing that could defeat my bjj, so i didnt sweat him. he ended up taking my gi and covering my nose and mouth with it, which forced me to tap

theres this guy at my gym who always uses pro wrestling moves, well this one time he got me in that one move that sting does, and...i tapped. :-(

lol at the wwe teaching submissions

"he ended up taking my gi and covering my nose and mouth with it, which forced me to tap"

Same thing happened to me, except in competition. And he did it from my guard. I was exhausted. I had him in a fully extended armbar, but was too tired to finish. I then pendulum swept him, but was too exhausted to sit up and get on top. He got back on top and just covered my face with my gi, and I tapped.

I felt like a douchebag.

When I was a white belt, a really strong wrestler came in to Jean-Jacques. I manged to end up in his guard, which he had only heard about that day. All he did was squeeze with his legs around my ribcage and because of his size, and because I didn't know how to stop him, I tapped.

Didn't Lytle basically tap Tiki with a headlock?

Being smothered always pissed me off.

I taught my girlfriend how to do a kneebar.. one time we were arguing, I was on the ground playing Fight Night or something, and she got down and slapped it on. I tried to get out of it, but ended up getting my knee hurt and I tapped. I was ambushed, man.

The most shameful will be if I ever tapped to you

A gotdamn oil checker

then there are plenty of pro fighters who should be ashamed, grin

I had taken about 5 months off training about a year and a half ago. I had been going back for a couple of sessions.

One of the guys passed my guard to side and put his weight down.

I was so exhausted, and basically just not enjoying being there and I fucking tapped.

The thing is it wasn't like i thought about it, it was like a reflex.

I was gutted, it was the first and last time I've ever tapped to a pin, exhausted or not.

ive tapped to exhaustion. i dont think thats embarassing. last week tait fletcher and i were rolling (name dropping). and after fifteen minutes of rolling with him and the thirty minutes of rolling before that, i tapped to being tired. no biggie


Fair point, but you'd been rolling for 45mins i think i'd just about broken the 4 min mark. lol!!

lol at the shit break. i take those everyday

I tapped my sister ugly fat friend, but I refuse to show pics.


No crap, I had a guy in my guard one time. He laid his head on my chest and i tapped after about a minute. He had the worst breath i have ever smelled!

Back in highschool i had done 3-4 months of ju-jitsu training.

Well we used to play road hockey on sundays and for the intermissions we would have 'wrestling matches'

I was 100lbs soaking wet at the time and was up against someone who was around 165-175 lbs.

First fight we goto the ground and he gives me his back easily. I slap on the RNC and he taps outs. I basically stole his balls that night.

For the entire week after i tapped him out he was talking about how he desperatly needed a rematch.

Sure enough come Sunday i get challenged during the road hockey intermission. I could see a look of intensity in his eyes, but i agreed to participate.

We approach each other and he slaps the good ol two handed rape choke on me. I could see the fire in his eyes and despite the fact i knew i could get out of it I ended up tapping and letting him have his balls back. I definately pussed out.

I regretted that day for a long time. :(

It's not mine, but it belongs to Ricco Rodriguez. This was in AbuDahbi when he was up agains Mach. I think the weight difference was about 125 lbs. You could see that Ricco wasn't really taking it too seriously up until he got caught. And the only reason he got caught was because he was being cocky. YOu can see how desperately he does not want to tap, but eventually has to. The place went nuts!

i was dead. couldnt move.
our guy was in my 1/2 gaurd, but more a 1/2 mount.
and i couldnt move.
at all.
he was hitting me
and other guys were telling me to move..and all i could say was....

i cant.

being tired sucks