your opinion please.

I have been pursued for quite some time to join the Mormon religion,

the reason i haven't is because they have 12 Golden Steers/cows in front of their temple

at Salt Lake.

What is your view,on joining a religion,that has such a symbol?


They told me that the golden steers represent the twelve tribes of Israel.

I do think they should be more up front though.

can you be a little more open about this,if not i understand.

And did you have any problems from them,once you decided to leave?

And do they really not pursue you for money?

And can my wife and i really join,and not have to perform any special tasks?

(example;I will not go walking door to door,unless i feel Gods calling to do so)

and are there any requirements that you learned or was told about after you joined?

thank you for your time.

I wouldn't make my choice based on that. Most "anti-moromon" material is far from acurate and some is down right funny stuff.

As far as I am aware the meaning they told you is the only one I have ever heard of.

well already i'm glad i have avoided joining.

"Its a false religion. Hope this helps"

No. It does not help.

One thing to be distrustful of in any religion is esoteric teachings.  If you have to get further in  to be taught certain things that is a hallmark of a cult.  There is no reason why all the teachings should not be available for consideration before conversion. 

On a side note, the 19th century was an insane century when it comes to religion.  I would personally pass on any religion started in that century.

One of my best life-long friends is Mormon and I dated a Mormon girl all through high-school so I got a bit of a look at the religion.  I think that the faith becomes a stable point for many families or people who have had wild lives.  My girlfriend's mom had killed herself and her step mom had traveled all over India looking for gurus to teach her.  Becoming Mormon was a way to ground the whole family.  The church will certainly tell you how to live if you need guidance.  And the truth is that most of the how of living is good for you.  Nothing wrong with family, but then again Jesus said those who don't hate family for his sake are not worthy of him.  Sometimes that good is the worst enemy of the best.

"Cherrypicker, the current LDS church claims Smith wasn't a polygamist??"

You mis read a splinter group that was formerly known as the reorganized LDS church made that claim. They are an interesting group. They now go by the name of "The Community of Christ" and basically renounced a large portion of their beliefs to be accepted by more main stream Christian organization and thus be able to get funding from them.

No the mainstream LDS church teaches J.S. was a polygamist.

The reorganised LDS church teaches that J.S. was not a polygamist. I don't know how well they document it though.

Technicaly "The reorganised LDS church" no longer exists. Behind just the name change they have changed their official beliefs (I have no clue what they more or may not unofficialy hold to) enought that the RLDS church does not really exist at all IMO.


Are you a mormon?

I knew the RLDS changed but I haven't kept current. They were an interesting group.

I have many mormon friends and would say I have a fairly good knowledge about mormons and mormonism. I make no claims to knowing everthing but I have read several of their books, studied a little of their history, and discussed religion with lots of mormons had mormons missionaries in my home etc, btw one of the first things they talked about was people existing to eventualy become like God.