Your Pride 27 Card?

I would be intrested after pride sp what people think would be good matches for pride 27, it is one month away.

Here is mine.

Minotauro Nogeria vs Emelianko Fedor

Josh Barnett vs Mirko Crocop

vanderlei Silva vs Yuki Kondo

Kiyoshi Tamura vs Kazushi Sakuraba

Murilo Ninja vs Rogerio Nogueria

Dan Henderson vs Rampage Jackson

Maurico Shogun Rua vs Lyoto Machida

Alexander Emelianko vs Gilbert Yvel

Allister Overeem vs Renato Babalu

I put in tamura vs sakuraba because that is a big money fight yet, I would not be surprised if that happened next show. Or if they cant get barnett I think they should just do fedor vs crocop with the winner getting nog in march in vegas, which is what I heard they may do.

that card would kick ass.

I got greedy and would like to add Allister Overeem vs Renato Babalu.

Although i fear it would be to many fights for prides main card., hell, i don't care, SOMEBODY, please make it happen!

Anyone have any ideas on what the card will look like for the Vegas Pride? It's on my spring break and I'm thinking about getting tickets.

tamura said after last night show
"i want to fight Royce ."

"why in the world do you want to see sak fight again??"

Wixom, who else would they have to sell tickets or use for japanese fighters.

THey usually have 3 on every card. Would you rather see sak or shoiji? Sak is better and a bigger name.

Lobo, Alexander has great takedowns, he also has no cardio, he has powerful punches but very akward stand up, and very little experience. Gilbert has worked hard on his ground game.

Very even fight if you ask me. BOth men will go right at each other.