Your rank and self-defense?

You are welcome Eddy. It is good that you did not find this guy. Because your fight record would be not for competion but for survival in prison. I can identify with the way you felt. If some one hurt one of my loves one I would do the same and then be put in jail like so many people. What is the answer, I am not sure. That is why their are many "technicalites" in the law, and for good reason. Someone hurts your child for example you go into a rage and kill him. Did you commit a murder? sure. do you have a defense? of course. Will you spend some time in jail? maybe, probably. would it be the same as you walking down the street and bumping into someone and then killing them. No it would not. The court in its "wisdom" must take into consideration the context of the event, the reasonbleness of the participants and that is why the law becomes complex. These are only my opinions. I am no expert in the law. Sorry Tony for posting off the thread.

Great posts everyone.If I may be so bold as to add something I think it would be if your ever in an altercation that you feel may involve the law, call a lawyer.Simoly a good lawyer will tell you what to say and more impotantly what not to say.

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It would be really cool if someone immortalised these stories and others like them on a web page somewhere!


The obligation to retreat (if possible) to avoid physical violence aspect of the law exsists in NJ as it does in NY. Exceptions for law enforcement of course.

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