Your Reaction To Pettis Kick...

First off, amazing way to end the WEC. Thanks to Reed Harris and all the fighters and staff that kept one of the best promotions around for years. I wish them all the best in their venture into the UFC.

Now the kick... holy fuck. I know there is a bunch of threads but rarely do you see something that insane pulled off (not to mention effortlessly.) What was your reaction?

I sat there silent as it took a moment to soak in what happened and looked over at the girl I am seeing (also a MMA fan) and said, "That motherfucker is going to be a superstar."

She just looked stunned. Decades from now that clip will be shown in highlight videos.

 GIF is a must.  That was so fucking epic. 


Jaw dropped

 came. then shit.  all at the same time.  was a fucking mess


holy fuck

My exact words.

went from lying down, to standing in front of my TV with my hands on my head in about 1/2 a second

 Beat the shit out of my wife.

Quite honestly the first time my jaw literally dropped watching any sport in years. I felt tingles in my head as well and really couldn't believe what I just saw.

caposa - went from lying down, to standing in front of my TV with my hands on my head in about 1/2 a second

that is exactly what I did.

Well I jizzed in my pants. When the replays came on, I fapped.

jumped the fuck outta my seat, yelling a bit trying not to be loud. and i also clapped really loud too

I yelled and woke up my husband. He thought the world was ending or something.

I told him not to fall asleep! That was so awesome to see live at the end of such a great fight.

I miss WEC already!

Still in disbelief...

Incredible fight finished with the move of the year.

HOLY FUCK!!!! Phone Post

My jaw literally dropped and a weird sound cried out from my mouth. For that split second, all life's mysteries were solved.

Crazy Zimmerman -  Beat the shit out of my wife.


I fucking jumped out of my seat, then just stared over at my friend with my mouth dropped and eyes wide, haha! Phone Post

Crazy Zimmerman you devil you