Your Secrets?

I'm trying to gauge how evil I am for withholding my secret recipies. I have 4:


Green chili

Spaghetti sauce

Vodka sauce

That's it. Everything else is an open book.

Am I the only asshole here that's taking recipies to the grave?

i dont ever use recipes, just ideas, techniques, and some knowledge of how certain ingredients behave together.

but if i did have recipes, i'd never keep them secret. i have too big of a mouth.

Creating recipies is a bitch. I hate it. Nothing like adding ingredient X six times to get it just right, then trying to figure out how much you added.

I actually have recipies that have shit like this on them:

Ingredient X: 1/4 cup + 1 tablespoon + 1 teaspoon + 1/2 teaspoon + 1/4 teaspoon.

I gotta figure out that whole conversion thing.


Not even close. Just a rookie who likes to experiment and create.

i won't tell anyone how i make my red clam sauce (and yes i know that sounds bad) :-P or my mom's garlic pizza recipe that she's handed down to me

I can honestly say that I don't have any secrets. The only time I've kept things secret was during chili/rib cookoffs and the like. But after the contest was over I was always happy to share what I'd done.

I don't mean to offend anybody, but I honestly do not see the point of keeping a recipe secret. Share the wealth, that's what I always say.

Can any of you recipe hoarders at least share with the group why you like to keep your recipes secret?

No. That's a secret too.

slaps forehead

someone can steal your idea and market it themselves.. it seems that when recipes go commercial, they have the potential to lose quality.. that's not something that i'm willing to let happen

I love showing someone how to make a dish if they are enthusiastic about
learning, especially if they are willing to help out with the prep work.

I give away secrets that aren't really secrets when people ask.  I give it the "Now don't let anyone else know this, or you'll get called out.  You know that Prego you just poured all over your spaghetti?  Put a little cream in it to lighten it up into more of a pink sauce and it will be lots better and noone will be able to make jar spaghetti as good as you". 

It only works with Shake N' Bake types though. 

I have a secret cooked salsa recipe and I keep it secret mainly because my boss has this grand scheme of marketing it and told me not to tell anyone.  I'm humoring him. 

I'm the same as Bill... I pretty much only keep secrets during competition.


I keep a handful of my best recipies a secret because I've considering selling them someday. Not sure how, as there are a lot of options: Open a restaurant, try to get it on grocery store or specialty food shop shelves, cookbook, etc.

It'll probably never happen, but until I put it to rest in my mind, I don't want them floating around out there.

I'm an open book when it comes to my recipes. I cannot comprehend why people would keep theirs secret outside of competing. What's the point?

I asked an old lady once how she made an incredible dish I was sampling at a party, and she refused to tell me. Knocked me way the fuck back, that did. I was completely confused. Took me weeks to figure out how she made it. Rancid old bitch. I hope she's dead.




I'm with you sabrutat!!

My fucking brother-in-law has this garlic dip stuff that he makes... wouldn;t tell anyone whats in it.

I took some home when he wasn't looking - figured it out & brought it to the next gathering. It was EXACTLY the same.

fuck him! HA!

I share everything, I'm just pleased & flattered that anybody would ask!

hell no - I'm still working on a cookbook.  ma