Your son/daughter is a homosexual

What will you do?

oh thank goodness..I thought you knew something I didnt

Actually, there is nothing i could think of that would ever make me stop loving my children. i might not agree with the choices they make, and would pray intensly for them...but I would never stop loving them or give up on them.

yours in Christ


LOL at Pastor S!!

I totally concur with what he said.

Pastor Sherm is correct. Except for the praying part...simply accepting who/what they are and wanting them to be happy would be my goal.


If you don't accept it, how can it be unconditional?

would honestly make as little difference to me as if they preferred blondes to redheads.

if my son/daughter was homosexual - I would probably put a greater emphasis on drilling the aspects of safe sex into their skulls

if it was a son, I would probably make a greater effort to ensure he knew how to look after himself, as he would automatically be open to a lot more nastiness from folks just by virtue of being homo - and along these lines I would attemptt to instil self confidence - that just because they may meet bigots, it is the bigot who has the problem, not them

otherwise I would treat them just like a hetero child - encourage them to have fun, chase their dreams, do the right thing etc

Let me pose this question to everyone...

Supposed in the future they had a "cure" to homosexuality...they could diagnose it while the child is stillin the womb, and cure it then too...

How many here would allow their child to be born homosexual?

That would imply that being a homosexual is not a choice but a genetic "defect". Knowing this, would you still believe in a God that damns them? What if it were something else, like skin color or mental capacity?

You can't answer my question with another question...

By the way, I agree that that is the basis the scenario is founded on. I don't necessarily agree with it, but it was required for this scenario.

How do we know that Bludhall?

"How many here would allow their child to be born homosexual?"

I seriously dont think I would bother checking

and a question back to you

suppose that they could determine, well before the birth, if a child was gay - however they do not have a cure

you are left with the option of abortion or homosexual child - which would you go for???

Edited: I misread the last line of your post.

There is no way I would abort a child...regardless of homosexuality, deformities, etc...there is just about nothing that would cause me to want to abort my child.

Agree with the Kolbster. My child would be my child from conception, whatever "genes" or inclinations or challenges.

I heard about a play called "Twilight of the Golds" (anybody see it?) where a couple discovers thru medical technology that their child will be born gay and they spend the play considering aborting him.

Don't know how it played out, but I'm sure it suddenly gave the gay community something to think about. Many high-profile gay groups would stand shoulder-to-shoulder with pro-abortion groups, but if they believed parents had the right to choose abortion, would that include the right to abort based on sexual identity?

can we have a consesus here:

who thinks that homosexuality is a deformity, and that a cure for that deformity would be a welcome thing - assuming that diagnosis and cure existed??

"Many high-profile gay groups would stand shoulder-to-shoulder with pro-abortion groups, but if they believed parents had the right to choose abortion, would that include the right to abort based on sexual identity?"

many blonde people may be pro choice, but would take a different stand if a large movement of people were aborting foetuses because tests had shown that they were going to be born blonde.

change arbitrary attribute as you wish

also, I imagine many gay groups are anti abortion

Good point yix, and that's basically what I'm saying, that I believe a lot of people in favor of legal abortion would be opposed if they were suddenly in the category of the aborted. But I've diverted the thread, so to bring it back....

Yes I would welcome something to change a gay gene, assuming the gene exists.


it is not so much as finding yourself in the category of being aborted

it would be more a case of being against eugenics that is targetting for arbitrary reasons - though of course finding yourself a member of the taget group would add juice to the veins

incidently, I remember a program about genetics, and one top doctor was a midget

towards the end of the program he started talking about tha while there are many facets of work that he believes are for the good, part of his work would be used for eradicatting midgets

in essence, he was working to destroy people like him - he said it was a shame that diversity was not more accepted, that people could so easily decide that something was so wrong or undesirable that they would be willing to wipe it out if the opportunity arose

he said that yes, he was a midget, yes he was different, but that he was still a good person who could add to life

powerful stuff

I knew there was something odd with him when he said he wanted to be called my "son/daughter", everyone else is content with son but he just had to be different.