Your son/daughter is a homosexual

But hate always comes from ignorance.

"But hate always comes from ignorance."

How do you figure that?

I hate those assholes who flew those planes in the the that born from ignorance?


You prefer to believe that they did it from anger. You don´t know how to put yourself in their places, to understant that, under their point of view, they were doing what they thought was right.

If you don´t understand them, you will never forgive them.

Remember that Jesus teached us to forgive our enemies.

Donna nailed the correct on that one.


Wow that is some of the most limp wristed useless thinking I have ever encountered. Hate always coming from ignorance would mean that God is ignorant. And saying or implying that would take away all credibility.

"Hate always coming from ignorance would mean that God is ignorant. "

Why? That doesn´t follow.


one could also posit that God does not exist in a personal sense. or that God is beyond human in that he does not feel emotions we would find recognizable. or that those instances of God 'hating' you find in whichever holy book you give credence to are misinterpretations by those who penned the original.

all of the above are given simply as examples of a framework which accepts the validity of Donna's statements. as a nonreligious person my experience of God and his love/hate is limited. however, as a human, i have personal experience with love, hatred, and forgiveness. i understand forgiveness in a way almost identical to Donna. how can we forgive someone without any concept of their mindset? i find it very difficult therefore to concieve of a universe in which there is a God who hates anything or anyone.

now, please, don't try the obviously fallacious course of trying to equate understanding the minds of those who wrong us with condoning their actions. you're smarter than that.

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I would do nothing different than if they were heterosexual.

pustak: that was a little too advanced for me I really can't say I follow. I didn't say and don't think understanding the minds who wrong us condones their actions but I don't agree with the idea that "all hate comes from ignorance"

see what you started,young lady!! i hope your happy donna!!




Thanks for the "young" and the "lady". :-)

I wouldnt care at all. Why would anyone?

If you don't accept it, how can it be unconditional?If your child commits murder, you can still love them but not accept what they have done.

ttt for JoshuaB. He didn´t answer this.

I can't say.....I dont have any children. So I dont think Im really qualified to answer this question. However, in our family there are those who practice this(I have 37 first cousins on both sides total) and our family is very tight knit. We love our family....all of our family. nothing will ever change that. But we pray for them...and if its Gods will they will repent and come to the Lord, though they aren't intrested in what we say. Maybe one day God will unharden thier heart and make them intrested in Jesus. We all need him if we know it or not. He is risen and he is Lord.

"I wouldnt care at all. Why would anyone?"

This is the type of response that really confuses me. Do you really think that or just posting it to be funny? The big 3 monotheistic faiths which have quite alot of followers all do not see homosexuality as a sound lifestyle. As well as many people with no religious affiliation. There are religious reasons, medical reason, and social reasons. So maybe now you can see why someone "might care at all" if their child chose to engage in such activity.