Your 'Spinal Tap' Stories

Lets hear'em. Everybody who has played out must have at least one great/terrible story to tell. Most of us have probably lived most of the Spinal Tap misadventures.

I'll start it off.

My band was playing a lot, usually once or twice a week and we had just recorded our first album in the drummers basement on an old 8track and released it on cassette. We sent them to all the record companies, and Capitol records seemed really interested. The A&R guy asked for the dates for our next couple of shows so we gave him a list for the three best venues and put him on the guest lists.

We made a pact that we wouldn't check the list so we wouldn't get nervous or anything when he showed up. Of course the drummer runs back the night he showed up yelling 'He's here! He's here!'

We were on 2nd that night (that was my favorite slot), there were two other bands. When it was our turn they dimmed the lights and we all walked out on stage, did a quick tuning check, and were ready to go. The singer yelled out the count - 'ONE TWO THREE!' and we kicked into our first song as intensely as we could. Halfway through the first verse I noticed there was no drum fill where there was supposed to be one. Then I realised there was no drummer. I looked back and saw him running towards the stage with a panicked look on his face. We tried to keep it going like it was intentional but it looked so stupid people were laughing at us.

We didn't get a record deal that night.


The other one that sticks out is the night we were headlining a big show with this band that had just been signed, so all the record people came out to see them and they stuck around to see us, which was really cool of them.

At the time I was playing my SG which I had to sell all my crappy guitars to pay for, so I didn't have a backup.  We got on stage, drummer was there, everything was all tuned up. The song we opened with I used this wierd alternate tuning and it started off with me doing the intro by myself. First note I hit I broke the de-tuned g-string and I couldn't figure out how to wing it because of the ridiculous tuning I was using, so I had to stop and fix it.

By the end of the first song we cleared the joint.

I have a lot more, but those are my favorites.

Breaking a bass drum head during our first set in Jasper Alberta and not having a back-up,many miles from home or music stores.A local hero at the bar went home and brought back his skin which I paid retail for.No questions asked.

Forgot the majority of my hardware,again 150 miles from home.Luckily,one of the groups girlfriends was coming to visit us and brought my gear a few days later.Luckily I was able to rent stands from a ma and pa,strip-mall music store which cost me plenty.

I'm a drummer.I smoke too much weed.So what?I have yet to choke on anyone elses vomit.That's an accomplishment for me and my people.

Haha, usually its the guys who are new to playing out that forget everything.

Watch out for the spontaneus combustion, thats a big killer among your tribe.

I was in the middle of a bad case of carpal tunnel in BOTH hands and had a live gig on NPR called the Homefront in Louisville. We had 600 people in front of us in the audience, and 40,000+ listening in on the radio. My hands were so numb I couldnt hardly feel them much less play cleanly. Some how I got through it, but listening back to the tape I was so sloppy it was pathetic..

My previous band's first gig at CBGB, we'd been living outside the city for a few months and had to haul all our shit from upstate. Drummer makes us an hour late and breaks my keyboard stand. I had to prop my midi controller on 3 milk crates covered with a curtain I found in my trunk. As our set's supposed to start, the singer's guitar will not make any sound. The drummer decides to embarass us all with a "sorry folks we're experiencing technical difficulties." so the singer uses my strat (every time he played mine he'd break the A in no time).. right at the intro of our first song the A breaks.

Then to finish it all, our last song, the drummer completely loses the groove, stops playing, and sits there for like 5-10 painstaking seconds trying to figure out where we are.

Years of playing together turned into amateur hour at one of the most important shows we could've played at the time.

Das..wher the hell was your drummer at and how didn't you guys realize he wasn't there!!???...LOL

Anyways..this guy,Tommy Conwell is a big deal in philly..I'm not sure why..I think he may have had a mild hit in the 80's.

So we're playin' at the "nail" in Ardmore...small place,no big deal...4 bands and then Conwell.
Everyone does fine,including us...then Conwell comes up...the big honcho headliner.

He's visably drunk and they barley made it through thier first tune.At the start of the second tune,he breaks a string.Of course he has NONE and requests some over the PA.
So he gets that fixed...they play 2 more songs and then he fries his on the PA and starts asking for
I had enough at that my stuff together and split.

I was totally drunk playing a dance at a community hall with a cover band for a bunch of hippies and bikers.I used to do this drum beat intro for a Teenage Head song called "Let's Shake".All I remember was kicking the intro again 2 songs later,having forgot that we just played it.I was getting the big "WTF?" from the lads.Funny in a pathetic kind of way.The band tried to straighten me up with a shnoo-line in between sets.Didn't work.Focken drummers,I tell ya...

Lol - I gotta watch the movie.

I haven't played much live but always prided my self on practicing alot because I had intense stage fright. I had to be comfortable with a piece before I could play infront of strangers. I even had to practice blocking out people and be in my little world.

I did screw up the piano part on my graduation towards the end. I was the only musician and my teacher only gave me 2 weeks notice. I was sooooo nervous. That's about it.

Lo! thats great.

Our drummer set up this gig once playing at an outdoor festival type thing - live music, food, festivities, blah blah blah. We were pretty hyped because it sounded like a big deal the way he described it, and we were headlining.

When we got there there was a huge stage setup, and we were the only band - at a boyscout jamboree!!!! We had to play anyway, so we started setting up and all these kids ran over and asked us if we were the magicians. I said close, we're the musicians. He goes, thats what I said! They were pretty disappointed when we started playing and didn't do any tricks. We got a little better response when we started letting kids burp into the mike. Finally one little guy came up and did some Elvis songs with us. Now thats rock and roll!

We've played at a naval shipyard next to a nuclear submarine in drydock. That kind of reminded me of the military dance they played.

We've also gone through bass players like Spinal Tap goes through drummers. Not through deaths though.

"We got a little better response when we started letting kids burp into the mike."

LOL I can just imagine that...

When we do our acoustic sets we all take turns singing songs like my buddy will do turn the page, i'll do closing time, and ect.. well one of my buddies gets totally lit one night (there is three of us) when we were preforming at a local bar. I'm thinking man I don't think he'll make it through the rest of our set. So now its time to preform "Brown eyed Girl" I bust into the intro/ lead my other buddy is on drums, and the one singing (who is drunk by the way) plays rythem. He busts into the frist verse "now hey where did we go, days when the rain came.........." I'm thinking "whew!" we made it through the first verse but to my surprise after we finish the chourus, he busts into the first verse again "now hey where did we go" so Im like screw it I keep playing, I mean what else can you do? so after we finished the chorus again he busts right back into the first verse "now hey where did we go" by now the audiance starts looking at one another, and I'm thinking man this is gonna suck. Nevertheless, We had to stop the song and get my buddy off stage cuz after the fourth time the audiance wasn't digging it a whole lot! I look back now and its pretty funny, we just make sure that he doesn't come to a gig hammered anymore. :)

Haha, stuck in a rut.

By the way Das did I ever tell you that our amps go to ellevon

lol, do you have an amp capo that makes you play in a different key too?

AMP CAPO lmao!! classic. Dude I had to watch the movie "this is spinal tap" last night after reading this thread. Funny as hell :)

I live by that movie, haha.

Have you got the dvd? There is about an hour of extra footage, some of it is just brilliant.

Funny you ask bro, I just bought the DVD last night! even the menu screen is funny as hell!

More than an hour if you count the in-character commentary.