Your strategy to lose weight fast

I mean we probably all gained some pounds in the holidays this last year ( and that happens to everyone really). How do you lose this extra weight? I do intermiting fasting every first two weeks of the year to get my weight back to normal, works pretty well im back to where i was

I get rid of 90% to 95% of added sugar, oil, white flour foods and beer and stick with high fiber, high protein whole foods.

I also take my calories down from 3,000-4,000 a day to 1,600-1,800 a day. A low cal, 1,400 cal day of protein and fiber with two meals (lunch and dinner) is 1000x more enjoyable and easy for me than fasting so I do that instead of fasting. Don’t care if I’m losing out on the “muscle sparing” benefits of fasting either, I’m a jacked white boy (deal with it) regardless.

Adderall (well now it doesn’t work anymore sadly)

Lean protein and vegetables all day every day.


The mystery of losing weight baffles many. With fad diets, nonsensical work out routines, gym bro gurus and every imaginable big pharma medicationor procedures available to save you from yourselves, many have become blind to the very simple truth about weight loss. Its inconvenient, non-glamorous and no one stands to profit from it. The answer to the human populations desire to lose weight is available for nearly every human on earth and costs nothing.

Eat less, move more.



I am dropping 1 - 1.5lbs a week.

It isn’t difficult, just track calories and keep a deficit.

No matter what you do, if there isn’t a calorie deficit, you aren’t losing weight.


Im liking the noncommital slacker angle

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Keto diet with a calorie deficit and HIIT.

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It really is this easy. I have a notebook…

Column 1: Date
Column 2: Cals In
Column 3 Cals Out (estimate of cals burned during daily workout if applicable)
Column 4 Weight (write this in 1x a week on Sat morning)

Works like a charm if you are coming off a bender of skipped workouts, and going hard on food and booze.

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Eat less.

Learn to like what it feels like to be just a little hungry.

When you’re hungry, eat some small and not filling.

It’s a little frustrating for like a week, then you learn to enjoy it. At least I did.


When attempting to eat a calorie deficit I am overwhelmed with hunger pains and headaches. (I am also extremely overweight).

Do I just need to get used to the hunger and headache pains and they will fade over time? I have heard drinking a glass of water helps but to be honest it hasn’t helped much so far. (I am just starting out).


Stop eating carbs for 3 weeks


keto diet + limited/no booze


A notebook like this can also be used to track important lifts if you are into gaining strength or run times and distances or swim times or whatever performance data you want.

for breakfast i split a blueberry muffin, buttered it and griddled it until crispy.

when you do this some of the butter ends up staying on the pan. you don’t end up really eating all of the butter.

IMO most people will be able to eat whole plant and meat based caloric deficit style eating to manage weight for far longer than they will be able to maintain a keto or vegan type extreme diet.

If there is something wrong with a plate of fish, black beans, sweet potato and spinach on your diet then its too extreme for most people to follow IMO.

I just hopped back on the keto intermittent fasting train. Been doing intermittent for the last 3 years now and love it. Decided to add Keto cause I put on some extra pounds during holidays… and it gives me an excuse to eat more steaks lol


takes a bit of adjustment but once you are on it for a week or two you stop craving those carbs and it becomes ‘normal’ to eat keto.
Most people don’t have the discipline to control portion size and cut out sweets/treats, though i agree that’s probably the best way to do it.

Yeah intermittent fasting is good, you just skip meals which is actually easy to do


Kickstart it with this!