your takes for my fantasy fights

(edited for better matches.)

tell me how you feel about....

mir vs coleman

arona vs big nog

shogun vs allister overeem

in my eyes if the ufc gets coleman they should put him against frank and i honestly think mir would tap mark. think about mark coleman and his takedowns. think about mir when someone willingly goes into his guard. bad match for mark if you ask me.

how about coleman vs tom erickson?

coleman, arona, shogun

Old Mir, or Current Mir?

Current Mir, Coleman easy.

Old Mir, I'd still pick Coleman, but I wouldn't be surprised if Mir won.

Mir, Shogun, Mino.

If/when Coleman goes back to the UFC,could they maybe set us up with a Coleman-Silva fight?

I really wanted to see that during the first round of the Open Weight Gran Prix.:(

Oh and Coleman,Big Nog, and Shogun.

how and when did shogun beat overeem? i was unaware that they fought

First fight in Pride Final Conflict 2005 in the tourney semi finals. 1st round TKO.


does anyone know who bj is rumored to be fighting on ufn?

mark coleman vs tom erickson?